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20 most recent comments by titan69
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Re: Panic by Bobjim 5-Jul-04/2:17 PM
run and keep running it stinks!
Re: escape by moonlightdance 5-Jul-04/2:20 PM
very good like it
Re: Worst Sex Ever by Brittanyy 5-Jul-04/2:25 PM
I love this poem its just like the stuff that happen to me. its just so funny.
Re: Worst Sex Ever by Brittanyy 5-Jul-04/2:31 PM
Ps. I dont mean i have a little dick
regarding some deleted poem... 10-Jul-04/12:57 AM
very deep man!
Re: Not Being Me by pinay_miss_azn 10-Jul-04/12:59 AM
just be yourself allthe time!
Re: Friends Forever? by nicole081083 10-Jul-04/1:00 AM
nice pome!
Re: A whispered cry by donmiguel1960 10-Jul-04/1:02 AM
yes good deep poem!
regarding some deleted poem... 18-Jul-04/12:10 AM
good poem!!
Re: An Old Man's Folly (from the diaries of Dave Q. Mysterious) by ?-Dave_Mysterious-? 18-Jul-04/12:13 AM
wow! thats so strange love it !!
Re: The Bleeding Rose by BleedingRose 23-Sep-04/12:41 PM
I realy love this poem 10/10
Re: They who would have me forget by BleedingRose 23-Sep-04/12:43 PM
this is just so good
Re: Fides by BleedingRose 23-Sep-04/12:44 PM
Re: ROAD BLOB!!! by MR Blobby 28-Sep-04/1:04 PM
I see you are back you big fat prat.
Re: Mystery Lady by longships 28-Sep-04/1:05 PM
magic mushrooms?
Re: Reach for the Nightmare by longships 28-Sep-04/1:06 PM
very good well thought out
regarding some deleted poem... 28-Sep-04/1:09 PM
no good
no vote
regarding some deleted poem... 28-Sep-04/1:16 PM
A lot of what you say is right
London is a shit hole
but some nice bits mixed in
Im a delivery driver
I was there yesterday
And i couldent get out fast enough.

Re: Versions by Dovina 11-Oct-04/11:29 AM
10/10 Ilove this sort of peom.
Re: this is what I see by malpaso 20-Nov-07/1:47 PM

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