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20 most recent comments by Sir.Psycho.Sexy
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Re: 'Where I come from- S.M.C!!' by Hostileintent 14-Aug-03/3:47 PM
just out of school,so i think i understand it where you are going with it, esp about the 'killing individuality with art bit'.mother is irish,she translated.rhyme is good. 8
Re: Memory by Hostileintent 14-Aug-03/3:49 PM
i like your poetry in appeals to me, i suppose i can say we are in the same boat. the last three stanzas are really powerful. 9
Re: Incomplete by Hostileintent 14-Aug-03/3:52 PM
have i seen this one before? i'm dead sure i have. yea,when i saw it there,i thought some of it was pretty wierd,and hard to understand.but i get the main parts.that line 'and precarious fob eachother off as' , is that two parts back to front?either way, nice piece of work.hard.but nice
Re: Rearview mirrors by horus8 15-Aug-03/1:02 PM
ha ha aha
you have a bad head.
Re: Rearview mirrors by horus8 15-Aug-03/1:03 PM
wow your poems are really good.
Re: Rearview mirrors by horus8 15-Aug-03/1:05 PM
good old horus eight
he has anal sex with his mate
once his friend is at the end
good old homo just says 'bend'

my friend horus eight
loves to masturbate
he spends his day, lookin gay
wating to fuck his mate
Re: Rearview mirrors by horus8 15-Aug-03/2:12 PM
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, taking head from his best friend Horus
Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, onto the bed of this stud Horus
Humpty Dumpty was not on top,to that job he left two inch Horus

Humpty Dumpty wanted more, he was not satisfied
Humpty Dumpty was adament, he wanted a larger cock inside
Good old Horus, homo Horus, homo Horus cried
He cried all day, he wanked all night
He wanked until his dick was red and white

A year to the day, since Horus cried
It was to me that Homo Horus did confide
'I'm so pissed off, I want a cock
that's 18 long and 18 wide
I want the lads to fear the cock,
And say that I Horus, truly, am, the best ride'

I'm sorry Horus, I had to say,
Unlike you, I'm not gay
In my opinion, it would work the best
If you killed yourself, you fucking pest!
Re: for sue (20030815) by nentwined 15-Aug-03/2:24 PM
have a look at mine. 8
Re: A look at Horus8 by Sir.Psycho.Sexy 15-Aug-03/2:25 PM
what you think?
Re: The truth about our friend Horus by Sir.Psycho.Sexy 15-Aug-03/2:26 PM
what you think?
Re: The truth about our friend Horus by Sir.Psycho.Sexy 15-Aug-03/2:37 PM
damn straight sliver.although, i doubt he'd be able to penetrate
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Aug-03/2:40 PM
pretty strange,but cool all the same.have a look at mine 7
Re: I Love You by jude 15-Aug-03/2:43 PM
we all know the feeling

have a look at mine
Re: Fuck Me Like Love Fucks Me (changed) by Son Of A Bitch 15-Aug-03/2:45 PM

what about horus,look at mine

regarding some deleted poem... 15-Aug-03/2:47 PM

have a look at horus,mine
Re: A look at Horus8 by Sir.Psycho.Sexy 15-Aug-03/2:57 PM
oh it's war all right.this guy's up his own arse.just vote a ten,to piss the cunt off
Re: Stone Slave by DreamerSupreme 15-Aug-03/2:59 PM
vote a ten to piss him off.that aside,i like your stuff,
Re: A look at Horus8 by Sir.Psycho.Sexy 15-Aug-03/3:02 PM
it's a pity he's gay,because i'd say you'd like to suck him bad
Re: Sir Psycho Sexy by DreamerSupreme 16-Aug-03/2:47 PM
WOW,that's soo cool!!
Re: Sir Psycho Sexy by DreamerSupreme 16-Aug-03/2:51 PM
i'm guessing it's you riding horus, up the bum
i can hear him panting, for you to cum
'supreme dreamer, as hard as you can
you're the daddy, so fuck like a man'

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