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20 most recent comments by Craychus
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Re: Palm Field Park by SupremeDreamer 5-Aug-03/3:45 AM
Re: my company by girlandwords 5-Aug-03/3:47 AM
Re: Damage by Caducus 5-Aug-03/4:14 AM
man..this is excellent. so strong and skilfully crafted. thank you. 9
regarding some deleted poem... 7-Oct-03/6:06 PM
I think I'll feed this silence
With the sounds of my broken heart.

I like that. I love this one. Great.
Re: silent struggle by princesszoe 7-Oct-03/6:08 PM
heartfelt. 8.
regarding some deleted poem... 7-Oct-03/6:14 PM
wow... simple yet well captured. a ten i say.
Re: Squeeze it out... by mrpresident 7-Oct-03/6:16 PM
hohohoh almost orgasmic! 7!
regarding some deleted poem... 7-Oct-03/6:23 PM
i hear you.
Re: Painted Air by New Life Drug 7-Oct-03/6:50 PM
very visual
regarding some deleted poem... 16-Oct-03/5:03 AM
regarding some deleted poem... 20-Oct-03/9:51 PM
this is good. reminds me of Bright Eyes. 10.
regarding some deleted poem... 20-Oct-03/9:54 PM
Strong images. Usually long poems don't really capture my attention but this one did for some reason. 9.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Oct-03/12:29 AM
This is good... I can't point a finger to what captivated me. Perhaps its the images so wonderfully weaved throughout this piece. It feels quietly magnificent. Thank you.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Oct-03/12:31 AM
"When I blink, I’m afraid you’ll disappear from sight"
I know how this feels.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Oct-03/12:33 AM
I notice your works centers around one theme. This one is not as good as your other works. 6.
Re: glimpses by nentwined 23-Oct-03/1:03 AM
what rockmage said. heh. :)
regarding some deleted poem... 30-Jun-05/7:01 PM
thank you for the comments and criticisms. i do agree with all of you regarding this poem. after reading, it does seem pretty awful and disorganised. i won't remove it as a reminder.
Re: A Place by Celtic 3-Jul-05/7:53 PM
the first stanza builds up an expectation which the ending doesn't really satisfy. nonetheless i think it's a fairly good work in a nursery rhyme kind of way. thank you for sharing.
Re: Mother Earth by TLRufener 3-Jul-05/7:56 PM
generally, this is a wonderful write. wistful and rather fleeting. it could use more poignancy though. i had to read several times to feel it. perhaps its the structure.
Re: Crack baby by Caducus 3-Jul-05/8:03 PM
I really like how cold you make birth feel in this poem. a somewhat recycled feel. like a tired soul being reused to birth an inadequate baby. the images come in chilling shards. the ending was like poison, a gentle deadly surprise. i didn't expect the poem to touch on death in the end. thank you for sharing.

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