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killer boredom butterfly (psychedelic) (Villanelle) by nentwined
there really wasn't much to do that day purple humpback whale spore my mind a butterfly, it fluttered away daisies and petunias entered the fray sad they'd voted for war there really wasn't much to do that day killer butterflies hunting the sway but the sway was too poor my mind a butterfly, it fluttered away ants were marching in careful array speaking haze a grey boar there really wasn't much to do that day some jabber awoke and started to pray pins to pierce and chlorofor- my mind a butterfly, it fluttered away a whale of petunias, a story they say story of pain and gore there really wasn't much to do that day my mind a butterfly, it fluttered away.

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.1538463
Weighted score: 7.1537485
Overall Rank: 18
Posted: December 17, 2002 7:06 AM PST; Last modified: December 17, 2002 7:06 AM PST
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[8] <~> @ | 17-Dec-02/8:19 AM | Reply
[9] Fetylum @ | 17-Dec-02/5:10 PM | Reply
Reminds me of my dear ol' blue butterfly ^___^
[7] New Life Drug @ | 17-Dec-02/5:42 PM | Reply
reminds me of crap. just kidding, its good. butteflies.....
[10] Ranger @ | 15-Jan-03/5:37 AM | Reply
Fabulous! Psychedelic Butterflies will remember this in one of our songs!!!! Wheeee!!!!! Heeheeheehee!
I like this so much it may have a ten! Foom!!
[n/a] nentwined @ > Ranger | 15-Jan-03/5:49 AM | Reply
thanks. :) it was... definitely lack-of-sleep inspired.
[10] Bachus @ | 16-Jan-03/5:27 PM | Reply
this is totally bitchin bros, fuckin aye.<the warlock blast through a set of blistering songs on stage> tommy chong looks over at us above his left shoulder, or ws it right? any matter because he says "you just ate thee most acid that i've ever seen anyone eat, man..uhhuhuh ha"..i like theee vilanelles. thanks.
[4] suckmychucks @ | 10-Apr-03/1:48 PM | Reply
my attention span fluttered away...boooooooring.
[0] horus8 @ | 19-Sep-03/3:52 PM | Reply
fabulous, one of my all time favourite vilanelles, and in fact, it's the one I taught myself how to write vilanelles with a year ago, thankyou. 9.
[0] Brittanyy @ | 22-Sep-03/5:54 PM | Reply
I give it Two thumbs DOWN!!
[n/a] nentwined @ > Brittanyy | 22-Sep-03/5:57 PM | Reply
You pull out a PLUM!! (I hope that's a plum. Tell me you didn't put them in your bum?)
[10] PoeticXTC @ | 14-Jan-06/6:05 PM | Reply
[10] Ranger @ | 7-Mar-06/4:31 PM | Reply
I just can't stop loving this. I think I'm going to write a Pimple about how much I love it and how it will never love me.
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