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The Nude (Free verse) by -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I.
I think its rude to be nude But maybe I'm just afraid? Afraid to be nude? No you idiot! It is you who is the one who is nude. Not me.

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Down the ladder: 9/11

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Arithmetic Mean: 3.6838236
Weighted score: 3.6838236
Overall Rank: 13514
Posted: May 10, 2002 7:08 PM PDT; Last modified: May 10, 2002 7:08 PM PDT
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[6]... anonymous @ | 17-May-02/1:51 PM | Reply
and you say mine are stupid..
[0] deleted user @ | 29-Jul-02/9:41 PM | Reply
This piece of chatter wasn't even worth being on this webspace. It is so lousy that it makes me want to violently puke. As for you posting to other people's poems and telling them their poems are shit, why don't you open your damn eyes and read yours. They are so lame that it's awful. You shouldn't even be allowed to write.
[0] <~> @ | 31-Jul-02/6:39 AM | Reply
i'm ALWAYS nude. it makes the day go smoothe. ly. um. er. mmm. -=Dark_Angel=-, keep churning em out. keep reminding us of our *essential* baseness. keep your dart gun pointed at ignorants. [sic] p.s. who holds the key to unlock your nudity?
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Jul-02/9:29 AM | Reply
I am not nude! It is you who is the one who is nude! Only sweet, beloved Jesu may unlock the Gates of Nudity using the unholy Key of Bareness. The gates were locked long ago when Man partook of the sinful Fruit of Knowledge which Jesu had carelessly left in the Garden of Eden.
[0] smlink84 @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 4-Jul-03/10:46 PM | Reply
He did not leave it there in the first place and the carelessness is on us. Why don't you try reading the Scriptures in the first place. Man, I hope that abundant grace will just surround you and you might be saved. I will keep you in my prayers.
[0] <~> @ | 31-Jul-02/10:33 AM | Reply
you know you love apple pie.... J baked a fresh one and locked it in the pantry of desire, but left the window open just a crack so its sinful steam would steal silently, secretly, deviously... until, having infused its essence, you surrender your soul... leaving you nude. with pie crumbs ornamenting your dark triangle of shame.
[10] New Life Drug @ | 31-Jul-02/10:41 AM | Reply
Hey, DA. you spend so much time dissing other people's poems, yet look at yours.. HA! plenty of your works on the "worst" list. Well I just think you're a hypocrite.
But other than that, I gave your poem a 10 cuz its fuckin awesome. I think it gives a good and fresh opinion about something so little yet such a controversial and big thing in this world. Right on! keep 'em coming.
[10] horus8 @ | 31-Jul-02/12:55 PM | Reply
when you are you see your feet? or do you never know how your pee comes to be on the seat?
[1] Bachus @ | 31-Jul-02/4:57 PM | Reply
This is that new "art" edgy style. I think it's shit, and just vaguely subterranian enough to cause vaginal cramping and leg fanning in all puberty stricken young women who even take a whiff, across the 50 great states of our super nation. The Octypuss America. Bow, for we are all nude and guilty. Give up the fart, and love the nipple. Take an Aztec slave and make him walk around naked and mine you silver all day. that's what I'm getting, and That's the way it made me feel
[0]... deleted user @ | 1-Aug-02/1:07 AM | Reply
[1] livingcanvas @ | 9-Aug-02/11:55 PM | Reply
one of the dumbest things i've ever read. not even worthy of a vote really, but i'm going to in hopes it will lower your score even further. technically i shouldn't vote a 1 because at least you wrote something, but no, it sucks too bad to even be 'something'. congrats on being the holder of the 3 worst poems though!
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 10-Aug-02/2:14 PM | Reply
Yeah cheers mate! Nice one, livingcanvas! Congrats on being a top notch dullard!
[0]... deleted user @ | 15-Aug-02/12:53 PM | Reply
ahahahahahhahahahahhahaha and after writing this poem you have the nerve to make fun of my poems?? what were you thinking? well i can see that this poem does not belong in this site it belongs in the trash can! after the way u dissed me and my pomes i think u deserve what i have to say! but now now i wanna wait till the whole world sees ur poems!
[0] kristenk69lover @ | 29-Aug-02/8:29 PM | Reply
you sit there and criticize my poems when your are all little kid shit poems. so you have no room to talk. i gave you a 0. it should be -. i never in my life saw a dumber poem then yours.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 29-Aug-02/8:43 PM | Reply
Oh fuck, another newbie, here we go again.
[10] skaskowski @ | 15-Sep-02/9:57 PM | Reply
Genius! Frightfully Genius!
[10] jonnyduk @ | 19-Sep-02/4:28 AM | Reply
[0] liljsmith87 @ | 26-Sep-02/5:29 PM | Reply
I'm lost
[1] squall1leonheart @ | 27-Sep-02/8:32 PM | Reply
im sorry if i offend you,but this is awful. :(
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > squall1leonheart | 29-Sep-02/7:43 PM | Reply
im sorry if i offend you,but you are a fucktard. :(
[0] TripleHGurl @ | 25-Oct-02/12:06 PM | Reply
You say my poems suck...
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > TripleHGurl | 25-Oct-02/12:18 PM | Reply
[0] Mutant_X @ | 28-Oct-02/4:29 AM | Reply
well,i always thought it's awfull to diss others poetry but honestly i think poetry isn't ur thing,try something else
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Mutant_X | 28-Oct-02/10:32 AM | Reply
[7] little_angel_maria @ | 29-Oct-02/2:31 AM | Reply
jajajajaja u joker
[5] deadstar @ | 7-Nov-02/3:19 AM | Reply
don't know whether to laugh or cry.Have a 5 for confusing me
[n/a] savagelymakeitcount @ | 8-Nov-02/8:36 PM | Reply
what the hell?
[9] Dan garcia-Black @ | 9-Nov-02/12:30 AM | Reply
Good funny truth.
[0] Yardbird @ | 15-Nov-02/3:06 AM | Reply
Yet more proof that your poems suck arse. Leave this site now, while you still habe a shred of dignity.
[5] T'ien @ | 24-Nov-02/2:58 PM | Reply
i gave 5 cos im completely nuetral its not my style but to art neuveau minimalists it must be great
[0] deleted user @ | 29-Nov-02/4:26 AM | Reply
ummm have you ever sought mental help dark angel? this isnt even comic
[0] Blindproject217 @ | 2-Apr-03/8:59 PM | Reply
Your an idiot, and what the hell is up with all the "good day to you sir" "would you care for tea" "jolly good ol boy" ta ta tiddily freekin tiddily ta? But sadly, I like your poem, not becuase (like common misconception) its funny or crude but becuase i can see somthing deeper behind it. Jolly good and good day to you my boy, ta ta (I would give it a good vote but seeing that you hold the most poems on the worst list Ill help you keep it that way)-0-
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Blindproject217 | 3-Apr-03/10:36 AM | Reply
It is a total waste of time talking to you. You are so cosmically stupid that you can't understand an idea unless it fermented in your mind, and when you do come up with an idea you're convinced it's an original, beautiful, deeply true idea, and you refuse to let it go or accept that anyone else has ever come up with the idea before or that it has any flaws.

There is nothing 'deeper' 'behind' this poeme. If you can't grasp the complete substance of it in one or two readings, you are a dunce, and if you try to reassure yourself by imagining there is something deeper behind it, you are three times the dunce.

You have had ample time to get the point of -=Dark_Angel=-. You haven't got it. You plainly aren't going to get it. You are just embarrassing yourself by publicly announcing your thoughts on -=Dark_Angel=- and his poemes. It is in your interest to let go and find a hobby that isn't so badly beyond you. Furthermore, you are a cad. Good day to you, Sir.
[n/a] Dark Angle @ | 3-Apr-03/12:14 AM | Reply
if i did drugs would i understand this?
[5] bondjedi @ | 21-Apr-03/11:02 AM | Reply
this should be on the top 15 list, not the bottom 15. at the same time it is truly awful. i give you a 5
[0] colndodg @ | 16-May-03/3:42 PM | Reply
this poem causes you comments to lose all merit... I enjoy it.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > colndodg | 17-May-03/10:54 AM | Reply
It's good the way you're rising above all the immaturity on this site, colndog. I daresay your mummy would be very proud of you.
[n/a] daniella @ | 4-Jun-03/9:58 PM | Reply
miscreant, a powdered white hairpiece behooves you on this, a momentous occasion
[2] phoenixxx @ | 14-Jun-03/11:06 AM | Reply
What is this supposed to be? Its a random, half introspection inspired and begun with a third grade rhyme. True, I don't like you and think you are an idiot, but this poem deserves low marks anyways.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > phoenixxx | 14-Jun-03/12:53 PM | Reply
[0] smlink84 @ | 4-Jul-03/10:42 PM | Reply
You are a very sad person.-0
[10] suprembeaner @ | 13-Sep-03/4:38 AM | Reply
best yet.
[0] baphomet @ | 13-Sep-03/10:30 PM | Reply
[5] Brittanyy @ | 23-Sep-03/3:58 PM | Reply
And you say nmy poetry is lame? Well well well...I have noticed that about 99.9% of your poetry is on the bottom 20 list and mine is well..not..You can take you comments and shove them straight up your no talent ass you fucking hipocrit..
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Brittanyy | 23-Sep-03/5:08 PM | Reply
Jesus died for you.
[0] smlink84 @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 26-Feb-04/8:56 PM | Reply
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > smlink84 | 27-Feb-04/3:11 AM | Reply
I don't know what you're talking about. I am fully aware that Jesus slaughtered Himself for me, and that I will be judged for my sins. But I attend a Church at least twice a week, and it is one of the largest, most prestigious Churches in the country. It is easily worthy of God's love, and it has one of the highest steeples I have ever seen. Church steeples were built to reach closer to God in Heaven, so the taller the better, since that way God is more likely to hear your prayers. It's not my soul I'm worried about, smlink84, since having spoken to God through the medium of prayer and spiritual revelation, I know He has plans for me in Heaven. You are the one I'm worried about. You who have seen fit to judge me on God's behalf. I will pray for you utterly.
[10] ARTIE @ | 10-Oct-03/7:34 PM | Reply
One has only to read [most of] the string of comments above to realize that DA's third verse is the genius that confused, then offended and then inspired all of you to quickly "pull your open blouses closed" thereby revealing your own prudish personal brawl, the subliminal "clothing" that protects the spew of your ment. DA mocked - and won. That ot to be wth a tn.
[1] Bachus @ | 10-Oct-03/8:02 PM | Reply
Artie? If and when you are done licking his comatose balls and changing his feeding straw... could you get out of the way, pass the salt. wipe off your faCE! AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!? Thanks!
[10] ARTIE @ > Bachus | 31-Mar-11/8:57 PM | Reply
I did not write that. Someone stole my IP
[0] earthwaterair @ | 27-Oct-03/4:08 PM | Reply
this makes me uncomfortable duh
[n/a] AskittlesK @ | 26-Feb-04/1:58 PM | Reply
question... why did u put There's already a shit Type 0 Negative song called this. I suggest you cram a piano into your mouth and then punch a beehive.
on one of my poems... i wrote this poem myself.. i looked it up and yes there is a song called Don't Wanna Be Me but its not the same song.. not even close.. i just thought i'd tell you this...
[n/a] Stephen Robins @ > AskittlesK | 27-Feb-04/3:29 AM | Reply
Have your testicles dropped yet?
[0] Sasha @ > Stephen Robins | 6-May-04/7:48 PM | Reply
[5] SweetJuliet10 @ | 13-May-04/10:57 PM | Reply
you know what.... first off dark angel dont preach to us man.... i mean gosh you write shit about aids on a van.... and then you want to sit here a quote scriptures.... second off the idoits that argue with you about god condeming you to hell need to get a life... every one sins and half of them dont care.... why the hell do we dissguse it on a poem post... open a chat room for crying out loud oh and im giving u a
-5- cus personally i like the nude... its free and beautiful (unless your jelly rolls hang over your pecker... then its just gross... lol ewwwwww)
[10] zodiac @ > SweetJuliet10 | 14-May-04/3:30 AM | Reply
Wow! Criticizing poems on the Worst list! What a great idea!
[0] edpeterson @ | 29-May-04/1:49 PM | Reply
by far the most profound poeme i have ever read...shear Genious...10
[5] Brittanyy @ | 4-Jul-04/6:00 PM | Reply
Hmm well..This poem is so bad it makes me feel better about my poems and for that I will grant you a...-5-
[4] fevriere @ | 16-Jul-04/1:26 AM | Reply
I dunno, it was a bit stupid but could be brilliant if you altered the last stanza.
I spose.
[1] Jezabele-In-Hell @ | 11-Sep-04/5:43 PM | Reply
[n/a] ==Doylum @ > Jezabele-In-Hell | 11-Sep-04/6:02 PM | Reply
God i can't believe you don't get this! I do. I'm in on the joke!
[n/a] unouluvme @ | 27-Jan-05/4:09 PM | Reply
what the fuck?
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