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regarding some deleted poem... 4-Aug-02/5:01 PM
Love can set you free too. It can be a wonderful thing. I don't know why I typed's sounds stupid
Re: The Nicotine Addicts Jangling Tobbaconists Conversation by Jigg 12-Aug-02/11:35 AM
I am really sorry, I didn't know this was Poetry for Profit, if I had known I would have been less blatant with my clear plagurisim, as you would like to believe. However I would draw the line at daylight slurs on my person and would ask you, in the most aggresive terms, to keep all comments on the poem and not my sexual orientation, you dumb fuckwad.
Re: Joe likes "DYNAMITE"! by horus8 12-Aug-02/11:42 AM
I fear there is a touch of the tortured soul here, and it festoons with it magnitude to a cresendo of typicallity that can be only just forseen, or should that be overlooked, within the first few lines of the opening stanza. A Nice try but nice trys always come last...It's your future, son...I see drawing boards.
Re: Drunken note #3 by blackball 6-Oct-02/5:33 PM
*speechless* I just don't get it, is this site not governed in any sorta way, mean or fashion!? Why am I being forced to read this, this bile. Y'see what I did there?...huh d'you see it, I took ya down one road just for ya to be dragged back and took down the real road. I tell ya kid you'll go far, it's another 10 that'll do me, Tommy.
Re: Drunken note #1 by blackball 6-Oct-02/5:37 PM
Well it sorta started quite badly, went no where in the middle and tailed off towards the end but apart from that, splendid...great...sterling effort. No sorry justa touch of wry poet humour there (this is steeped in irony, so please don't hunt me down and slay me) liked it liked it a lot 10 will do me, Tommy!
Re: Drunken note #2 by blackball 6-Oct-02/5:38 PM
Well this is just utter garbage I mean where was the structure and the meter?...Oh good Lord no this just shan't wait on second read genius...absolute genius...(Irony Irony Irony) as before love your work...another 10 will do me, Tommy
regarding some deleted poem... 30-Oct-02/12:09 PM
The Welsh are a great nation, I mean it goes without saying that any country that can boast Max Boyce and Fireman Sam as custodians must desreve a poem of such magnitude as this one. Fine effort, you deserve greatness and biscuits!
Re: The Yellow Penguin by ahmyerda 9-Dec-02/4:10 PM
Well let's see it started pretty badly, it tailed off in the middle and the less said about the end the better but on teh whole quite quite brilliant, well done ahmyerda, well done have a biscuit, or don't. Nae cunt likes a fat arsehole
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Feb-03/1:08 PM
my deepest condolences

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