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regarding some deleted poem... 20-Dec-04/9:50 PM
As a whole, your way with originality is unbelievable. The letter idea was a wonderful expression and did carry a mirrorish type feel.
Re: Center Of The Universe by Dovina 21-Dec-04/11:31 AM
I enjoyed this piece (esspecially the conclusion). 9
Re: Twin Forks by auscot 21-Dec-04/6:20 PM
mmm, I enjoyed this! A literary masterpiece; 10, without hesitation.
Re: The Drop by auscot 21-Dec-04/6:22 PM
Hah, I've never been one to pen a good limerick. Very well done. The meter was a tad off in a couple lines but not enough to render distaste. Bravo! An 8.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Dec-04/9:56 AM
mmm... this was beautiful! I knew that the brilliant scoundral had to be here somewhere and while scrolling down the names I say, "Hey! There's ed!". The mood was sustained nicely in this and the pictures... reminded me of something in a song.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Dec-04/9:57 AM
A poem I've read elsewhere many times and, if I may, a litterary masterpiece. Had to vote on this one, it's a classic.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Dec-04/9:59 AM
Ahh the element. You know, I'd yet to read the third to your series. I don't think I could weigh any of them on any sort of scale. Once more, so much poetic element. Well done!
Re: "oh" by fevriere 23-Dec-04/10:01 AM
Ahh so appeasing. Bravo! The true art of a "Haiku-ist"
Re: there's no way out by oneglove 23-Dec-04/10:08 AM
Quite melancholy. You've done a great job at holding the tone of this piece. Also, the descriptions were phenominal. 10, bravo.
Re: Lies of Society’s Guise by PsydewaysTears 25-Dec-04/10:51 PM
Well, Lies of Society's Guies has a better rhythmic quality (this is comming from a musician). A lot catchier still in my eyes.

As a whole, if people would take the time to read this piece, I believe they'd be awed.

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