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A pinch from the snuff box (Haiku) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
I piss standing up, but so does this whore I know down on Mudlark Lane.

Up the ladder: Loss I havn't yet known
Down the ladder: Love

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Arithmetic Mean: 4.714286
Weighted score: 4.9231596
Overall Rank: 9397
Posted: June 19, 2003 4:21 PM PDT; Last modified: December 15, 2003 12:50 PM PST
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[8] OneFingerAnswer @ | 20-Jun-03/1:33 AM | Reply
I look like I literally pissed myself. I actually was drinking water and when I laughed it went all over me. None the less, you owe me a change of pants. 8
[2] sliver @ | 15-Dec-03/7:59 PM | Reply
A little originality?
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > sliver | 15-Dec-03/8:30 PM | Reply
Are you telling me a woman with a penis isn't original?
[n/a] ==Doylum @ > Jeremi B. Handrinos | 16-Dec-03/5:41 AM | Reply
Are you telling us a woman with a penis is original???!!?!?!?!?!?
[n/a] horus8 @ > ==Doylum | 16-Dec-03/2:20 PM | Reply
What are you slow? Obviously, or I wouldn't have written it.
[n/a] ==Doylum @ > horus8 | 17-Dec-03/8:50 AM | Reply
What with all your wacky crazy experience of shit and stuff, you've never done a hard hitting cutting edge street panto?
Well I'll be damned Jeremi B. Handrinos. Have we finally found something you don't excell at Jeremi B Handrinos. And i always thought you'd make a really rather first rate Panto Dame Jeremi B Handrinos

Arrrree yoooou teeeelllling me a woooomaaan wiiith a pennnnnnis issssn't oriiiiiiginal?
[n/a] horus8 @ > ==Doylum | 17-Dec-03/12:06 PM | Reply
'erhaps if you'd pause for a moment and quit blowing bubbles out your father's corn pipe, you'd notice that a penis is no place for your to starch your bow tie.
[n/a] ==Doylum @ > horus8 | 13-Mar-04/6:00 AM | Reply
Original Question:

Are you telling me a woman with a penis isn't original?

Answer: (Specially Condensed in a special condensing machine so that it is condensed for special condensed usage.)


No amount of Syruping the Spotted dick, Jeremy b-eing the handyross or indeed any verbing the nouneage will conwince otherwise.
[n/a] horus8 @ > ==Doylum | 13-Mar-04/12:48 PM | Reply
I'm sorry, this conversation is so old I've grown up since then, and now concur, carry on. By the way, you're thoroughly fucking simmered.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > horus8 | 14-Mar-04/5:30 AM | Reply
You do entertain the most curious fancies.
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