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An Ode to the professor, but not Marianne (Ode) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
I love how you teach! You fucking leech... With your mouth and balls residing. You are a hell of a chap, but full of crap. All that preening 'fore your whining. Although you were right on cue, but with no brew? As you ate my six foot sandwich. You claimed you were a dad and i think it's sad That you cannot cook a manwich. Did i mention that (I think you are flat) With your pulse check 'tween the hedgerow? Since I know your type. A supreme ass wipe. Because you golf in San Diego? You are what you think, chisel dink? So there's your ode upon a choade.. Was that a Black bird that i just heard? Word. Drow. Word. Drow. Word.

Up the ladder: Sheep---(Cross Rhyming)
Down the ladder: skeletons

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Overall Rank: 7488
Posted: February 4, 2003 12:18 AM PST; Last modified: February 4, 2003 12:41 AM PST
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[8] Caducus @ | 4-Feb-03/2:28 AM | Reply
Deliciously evil and offensive 8
[n/a] OneFingerAnswer @ > Caducus | 4-Feb-03/2:44 PM | Reply
How can you be offended by nonsense?
[n/a] ==Doylum @ | 4-Feb-03/8:22 AM | Reply
how many mariannes or monikers is that now?
You are greedy minus the a.
Still fighting?
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > ==Doylum | 6-Feb-03/12:22 PM | Reply
Negative, my mother's name is hedwig marianne, and i have a hard on for professors that's all. This has nothing to do with learned men who teach and use this sight. otherwise i would of called the piece 'your mouths swirl clockwise above the equator'.
[n/a] razorgrin @ | 4-Feb-03/10:56 AM | Reply
[n/a] OneFingerAnswer @ > razorgrin | 4-Feb-03/2:46 PM | Reply
Drow is also a type of elf known to be particularly nasty. They usually live deep underground and rarely come out.
[0] horus8 @ > OneFingerAnswer | 4-Feb-03/5:28 PM | Reply
That was the point.
[n/a] razorgrin @ > OneFingerAnswer | 6-Feb-03/11:01 AM | Reply
I was thinking the Dark Elves as well, being the D&D geek I am.
[6] brazen @ | 4-Feb-03/2:36 PM | Reply
lrig a mi eehet ekil

like tehee i'm a girl...sadly though, no stereotypical valley girl in middle school or high school EVER seemed to figure it out. what good is genius if no one understands it?
[0] horus8 @ | 4-Feb-03/2:44 PM | Reply
Chuckey cheese, where a kid can be a kid.
[n/a] Ranger @ | 5-Feb-03/12:12 PM | Reply
[n/a] god'swife @ | 6-Feb-03/2:09 PM | Reply
I love the title, completely love it, but the poem I cannot understand, nor its relationship to said title.
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