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Louwanda (Lyric) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
I'm 14 years old And what's to say? Life's so whatever And school is gay Except for Jonny Plums He's got passion... He's hung like Jesus And up on fashion He told me that He "loved my cheers" While at Tina Tuna's - - party, bonging beers I stared into his deep blue eyes "Lets go up stairs Give it a try?" He said with all sincerity And just like that Went my virginity And would you believe I wasn't his first? And that's not even the part that's the worst Jonny Plums' seeds were slow Now I've a son with a helmet and 'fro as big as me and twice as dumb And why!? Jonny never made me come

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.5555553
Weighted score: 6.2777777
Overall Rank: 903
Posted: March 18, 2006 7:10 PM PST; Last modified: March 18, 2006 7:10 PM PST
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[8] Silverjackel @ | 18-Mar-06/7:43 PM | Reply
I like it
[8] wilco @ | 19-Mar-06/1:11 AM | Reply
babies havin' babies..
[8] Ranger @ | 19-Mar-06/3:40 AM | Reply
Loving the title - it suits the poem perfectly (and it is, by the way, a top poem!)
Good to see you back!
[10] ALChemy @ | 19-Mar-06/10:59 AM | Reply
I once saw a girl I was in love with get date raped by a jock at a party. I couldn't fight my way through the crowd of cheering onlookers to stop it. So I yelled "The cops are here!" and everyone scattered. Once the jock found out, he wanted to beat me to a pulp but my friend stepped in and he got beat into a bloody mess in my place.
This poem of yours made me think of that. Ya'know, 'cause it's funny stuff.
[8] INTRANSIT @ | 19-Mar-06/5:04 PM | Reply
Sister of Towanda and Nuwanda, I'm sure.
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