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20 most recent comments by Engelbert Humpalot
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Re: Colin's thoughts by colin douglas's arse 23-Aug-07/5:05 PM
I couldn't have put it better about poor Colin, even if I had written it myself.
Re: The Tale Of Marietta And The Hornbag Priest (v.1) by Edna Sweetlove 7-Oct-07/9:54 AM
Re: A Sexy Crucifixion Poem by Edna Sweetlove 7-Oct-07/9:55 AM
I seem to have evacuated my bowels with laughter after reading this. Will you pay for the drycleaning?
Re: All Hail! All Hail! America The Golden! by Edna Sweetlove 7-Oct-07/9:57 AM
This brings a new meaning to that old cliché, the special relationship.
regarding some deleted poem... 7-Oct-07/10:00 AM
Weird. But OK really. I love these dialect pieces from OOOOP NORTH LOIK>
Re: Kennedy the cunt by mr cunt 7-Oct-07/10:03 AM
Very fucking funny! My best laugh since 9/11 when I shat myself with joy.
Re: More and more Shuushin by mr cunt 7-Oct-07/10:04 AM
You are right, he is a cunt for a' that.
Re: Two Cunts by mr cunt 7-Oct-07/10:05 AM
Very profound
Re: Death of a Drug Addict by SupremeDreamer 7-Oct-07/10:09 AM
You are right that Jesus doesn't care. Maybe you'd be a bit of selfish cunt like him if you'd been nailed up by a load of wops.
Re: Let's Grovel For Jesus And Fight The Naughty Satan! by Sing4Jesus! 7-Oct-07/10:12 AM
I love this more than 9/11.
Re: A prayer about Jesus by Sing4Jesus! 7-Oct-07/10:14 AM
I just re-read this. Only just.
Re: Strap On by Shardik 7-Oct-07/10:18 AM
Fucking incomprehensible! I loved it!
Re: Some die waiting, or laugh forgetting by Shardik 7-Oct-07/10:19 AM
I wept more at this than when I got my bollocks caught in my zip.
Re: A Kiss Beneath The Blossom Tree by Caducus 7-Oct-07/10:20 AM
How fucking sad.
Re: Rooster Rape by Dovina 8-Oct-07/6:55 AM
Fabulous first couplet rhyme! Henhouse and house! Genius! The rest of it is rubbish. The funniest thing since 9/11.
Re: 'Till Then by sliver 8-Oct-07/6:56 AM
Sentimental and sloppy in the extreme.
Re: Butterfield, Minn. Tommy's farm 1993 by Bachus 8-Oct-07/6:57 AM
Ungrammatical first stanza. You must have been off school the day they taught sentences.
Re: Bitter by Ranger 8-Oct-07/6:58 AM
Charmingly archaic.
Re: NIGHTMILK SUNBLOOD by horus8 8-Oct-07/6:58 AM
Re: Thoughts Asunder by wilco 8-Oct-07/6:59 AM
Good last stanza. Best just to shag her and bugger off.

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