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Shuushin @ | 31-Dec-04/7:20 AM | Reply
Poemranker hooded sweatshirt.

And the site needs a tagline - like "insert something clever here" (for the back)

-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Dec-04/1:31 PM | Reply

Back: "When it comes to poetry, you can't say that people's opinions are "wrong". Except yours. Your opinions are wrong."
And for Christ's sake, nentwined, please remove me from this pink sheath.
Yeah, something like that. Except that's a little long.

Maybe just "poemranker: Your Opinions Are Wrong."
Shuushin @ > Shuushin | 31-Dec-04/1:43 PM | Reply
and I actually responded to the other thread, not this "ribbed for her pleasure" one.
anonymous @ > Shuushin | 31-Dec-04/2:48 PM | Reply
The subtle pink background newly added for all of our comments, together with the slightly bolder pink of the first response to an originating missive, lend a pleasing feminine character to poemranker that it’s lacked. Perhaps the tender colors will encourage some of our harsher commenters to soften their language and open themselves to their inner child, or to scream about being called gaily wrapped in soft fluffiness.
Dovina @ > anonymous | 31-Dec-04/2:50 PM | Reply
So sorry, forgot to log in
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 31-Dec-04/2:16 PM | Reply
How about 'poemranker: Just because I write dim poems doesn't mean I am not a first class mind'. A special edition for poemranker members with a PhD.
anonymous @ > anonymous | 31-Dec-04/2:24 PM | Reply
that isn't zodiac
anonymous @ > anonymous | 31-Dec-04/2:25 PM | Reply
that is doug
anonymous @ | 31-Dec-04/2:18 PM | Reply
or for your desktop:
-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Dec-04/8:03 PM | Reply
This would be the acest hooded sweatshirt ever:
I was wrong. This would be acer:
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 1-Jan-05/7:30 PM | Reply
the text one is very, very good - and i would pay money to have it.
Shuushin @ > anonymous | 1-Jan-05/7:31 PM | Reply
(was me)
-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > anonymous | 2-Jan-05/4:47 PM | Reply
So would I, although on reflection, I believe the text should be simply, "You can't say that people's opinions are "wrong". Except yours. Your opinions are wrong."
Poemranker is not correctly indenting replies. I wonder if it has anything to do with these lurid pastel comment-sheathes.
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 2-Jan-05/6:25 PM | Reply
I noticed that too, seems to always go with the lowest one. We are such a needy group.
Blindpoetry @ > anonymous | 3-Jan-05/6:44 AM | Reply
..a group who devow-er-s code is less than a day.

Good job.
Dovina @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 3-Jan-05/3:29 PM | Reply

No, no, keep the pink! It has to do with knowing how.
Shuushin @ > Dovina | 4-Jan-05/8:59 AM | Reply
What does this mean? And by the way the color scheme is perfect - what other pallet could you use - these are the only ones that work with the particular shades of the base site.
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 4-Jan-05/4:43 AM | Reply
I think the first version was better.
Shuushin @ > anonymous | 4-Jan-05/6:33 AM | Reply
That's just your opinion, and well. It's wrong.
zodiac @ > Shuushin | 6-Jan-05/5:48 AM | Reply
Har, har. Tell me something, did it actually hurt coming up with that snappy retort?
Shuushin @ > zodiac | 6-Jan-05/6:09 AM | Reply
We only hurt the one's we love - so you tell me, sandbox boy.
zodiac @ > Shuushin | 8-Jan-05/5:53 AM | Reply
Great apostrophe use, Yankee.
Shuushin @ > zodiac | 8-Jan-05/7:11 AM | Reply
Yankee? This coming from a red-headed Iowa boy (or where-ever the hell that state is you hail from).

And yes, you caught me using a familiar non-literary use of a word. Ah - oh yes, "may the seat of your pants turn into scorpion".
zodiac @ > Shuushin | 10-Jan-05/3:39 AM | Reply
What do you mean by "non-literary"? Do you mean "not written"? Doesn't than mean you could have spelled it any way you liked? And then you chose to write it the "incorrect" way just because you're such a fucking badass?
Y2kSlamPoet @ > zodiac | 26-Jan-05/11:28 AM | Reply
You, sir, misspelled "that". How Naughty. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!!!
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 28-Feb-05/3:43 PM | Reply
I do not see a problem with wrong opinions. I think the important thing to note about opinions is that some may vary but some are thick.
nentwined @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 11-Jan-05/12:19 PM | Reply
I like this.

If anyone knows where to get poemranker grey hoodies, I'll take preorders...
Shuushin @ > nentwined | 11-Jan-05/12:41 PM | Reply
I got one from NFG at one point, who got those? Doesn't cafe xpress (or whatever they call themselves) do them?
nentwined @ > Shuushin | 11-Jan-05/1:22 PM | Reply
I could only find a light grey on cafepress. though I am a little deliriously tired. :)
Shuushin @ > nentwined | 11-Jan-05/1:27 PM | Reply
I thought you were *back* from honeymoon!! Come up for air, man - COME UP FOR AIR!!
nentwined @ > Shuushin | 11-Jan-05/1:41 PM | Reply

was up helping get situation to be shipped out to new zealand, hanging out with a friend (whose box it is) who's been living there (and elsewheres abroad) for quite some time.
Shuushin @ > nentwined | 11-Jan-05/2:15 PM | Reply
I would really love to visit that place - will, someday. Very cool.

I've been looking too, btw, for dark grey hooded sweatshirts with no joy. Light grey galore, but no dark. They must be out there someplace.
zodiac @ > Shuushin | 11-Jan-05/10:04 PM | Reply
Tell the truth: Is the real reason you want to visit the land of kiwis because it contains both the Mines of Morrrrrria and the Tower of Guard gleaming like a beacon in the setting sun?

On a similar note, did you find yourself shamefully stirring at the part of Lord of the Bums when Saruman the White says to his Negro Army "You shall have Man-flesh!"?
Shuushin @ > zodiac | 11-Jan-05/10:48 PM | Reply
MY GOD MAN - you've read my mind.
zodiac @ > Shuushin | 13-Jan-05/5:10 AM | Reply
You might be surprised (or oddly excited) to know, I've predicted every single one of your replies since you came back. Your just that much of a hack.
Blindpoetry @ > zodiac | 12-Jan-05/7:17 PM | Reply
I'm confused. Is this Lord Of The Flies?

Or J.R.R. Tolkeins Hell? O_0;
zodiac @ > Blindpoetry | 13-Jan-05/5:15 AM | Reply
This message is for Blindpoetry. The comment-indentation is crapping out again.

Think for a moment: Can you imagine ever beginning a comment with the words "I'm not confused"?

It's Lord of the Rings, stupid. Would you consider yourself very good at being a geek?
Blindpoetry @ > zodiac | 13-Jan-05/12:51 PM | Reply

:) If I am stupid, it's not likely I'm a geek. ...unless I'm confusing something with something else.

Then please point it out for me.
Or for the audience. Whichever you'd prefer to admit. have lots of hoodies; you'd probably find a suitably-coloured one there. Where would you propose to get the two-colour printing done? It would have to be good quality.
Who cares about color.
It's the message that I care about.
What's the message(s) gonna be[?!?]
Blindpoetry @ > Blindpoetry | 5-May-05/6:54 PM | Reply
i didn't mean to make that a reply to the largest booby in the world...

I made a mess up. shaw. My bad, dawgs.
The message has already been decided. The back will read:

You can't say that people's opinions are "wrong".

Except yours. Your opinions are wrong.
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 7-May-05/3:51 AM | Reply
I liked it better with 'When it comes to poetry, you can't say that people's opinions are "wrong"'.
-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > anonymous | 7-May-05/2:56 PM | Reply
But the genius of the statement is that it applies outside poetry as well. Without "when it comes to poetry", it has a broader scope. By wearing the hoodie I could sum up how I felt about most of the people who'd read it. But it would have the extra level of being a poemranker in-joke, because it's a summary of 90% of the arguments on poemranker.
Dovina @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 7-May-05/11:49 AM | Reply
Apparently we are all doing something wrong, judging from the dearth of comments on Poemranker recently. Either that or we are so damn right, nobody recognizes it.
zodiac @ > Dovina | 13-May-05/5:26 AM | Reply
I'll go ahead and say it:

Probably nobody on poemranker wants to sift through a month-long argument about Negrolove to find the piddly critique some 12-year-old Malaysian's left on his post.

But then again, probably everybody on poemranker just wants to be masturbated into inconsciousness without having to masturbate anyone else, so as far as I'm concerned they can all go fuck themselves.

To be fair, compare the most recent comments-recent with one selected at random from the golden years - say, this one here:

No, really. Compare them. Notice anything?
Dovina @ > zodiac | 13-May-05/12:02 PM | Reply
Yeah, I notice that I miss lovable shuushin. No masturbation there, not at all.
Shuushin @ > Dovina | 13-May-05/3:00 PM | Reply
Me too.
anonymous @ > Shuushin | 13-May-05/4:00 PM | Reply
So sneak in after three months AWOL, will you? You've probably been spying on us. What's up?
anonymous @ | 12-May-05/12:54 PM | Reply
It's not just for Gays
zodiac @ > anonymous | 13-May-05/5:15 AM | Reply

It is just for Gays.
anonymous @ > zodiac | 13-May-05/1:04 PM | Reply
Better in the sense that you're talking a complete load of steaming arsecake?

Is it just for Gays?
but not
It is just for gays

Bird turglar
-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > anonymous | 15-May-05/9:59 AM | Reply
"Poemranker: Your a clod."
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 15-May-05/10:07 AM | Reply
"Poemranker: Are you a homosexualist."
anonymous @ > anonymous | 15-May-05/10:18 AM | Reply
Shut up fuckface.
anonymous @ > anonymous | 15-May-05/10:25 AM | Reply
why? smelly
anonymous @ > anonymous | 16-May-05/7:39 PM | Reply
You are a bumberweed
Can't even reply to a simple question

anonymous @ > anonymous | 16-May-05/7:40 PM | Reply
obviously have no brians
anonymous @ > anonymous | 16-May-05/7:40 PM | Reply
must be some sort of fuckwit
wFraser Allonby Q.C.w @ > anonymous | 17-May-05/4:55 AM | Reply
Your a laminated guff buttock injected with tramp pellets
anonymous @ > wFraser Allonby Q.C.w | 18-May-05/12:13 PM | Reply
How inwentive!
All kinds good things, could i not alzo be besmeared.
anonymous @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 16-May-05/7:30 AM | Reply
"Poemranker: It's a sure sign you're a cunt"
Hallmark @ > anonymous | 16-May-05/9:28 PM | Reply

"Poemranker: It's a sure sign your a cunt"
Stephen Robins @ > Hallmark | 17-May-05/3:23 AM | Reply

"Poemranker: It's like a gigantic old labia on a virgin"

You're a cunt.

"Poemranker: It's a small bubble of fanny juice on the lips of a pederast"

Your a gaylord.
anonymous @ > wFraser Allonby Q.C.w | 18-May-05/12:09 PM | Reply

You're all as sweet as morning bluebells freshly picked from a dewy meadow.

Your GayLord

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