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Ravings of a dreamer (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
Confusion and misinformation is the social food that has been fed to young generations for a long time now- inner dissention has peaked and ignorant religious folks have already labeled it, "the plague of apathy". Disconcern for social standards along with subtle rebellion is closer to the truth of this plagues nature; social collapse and redecoration is inevitable- besides, the world is in desperate need for reform on a global scale. Lets pray Gen X doesn't touch up the mask of govermental/political control; lets hope they invent a new mask. Universal Karma in my opinion has ultimately landed in the black scale; greed and materialism satisfy the human need for a false sense of order and control- the illusion of power. Arrogant deviants such as myself take great pleasure in being apart of this chaos; this fusion of energy in corroding stability- Thats what makes me one of few ultimate rogues, despite the many that feel that me and others alike are simply dope motivated gothic dullards- judgement is ignorance. But change comes slow; I see the world crawling like a snail with corrosive sludge marking alterations made and current destination.

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