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The Thomas Brown Affair (Haiku) by SupremeDreamer
A dead man walking doesn't need to talk much since his stench says it all

Up the ladder: She Doesn't Love Me.
Down the ladder: Wrapping a Gift

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.2
Weighted score: 5.2622466
Overall Rank: 3961
Posted: December 16, 2003 5:11 AM PST; Last modified: December 16, 2003 9:38 PM PST
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[7] richa @ | 16-Dec-03/6:25 AM | Reply
quite funny, a haiku is supposed to have more depth though preferably with natural imagery.

[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > richa | 16-Dec-03/9:39 PM | Reply
I know.. relax, progress is slow, the only other idea i had was to talk about his rotting corpse? and the test results just really stank. ;/

One day you shall have your pure & classic haiku, I just haven't come up with any good ideas for natural imagery. :[

plus, really now, a lot of the ideas I get are very very unoriginal, and never shall i go down that road willingly or unwillingly.
[7] richa @ | 16-Dec-03/6:26 AM | Reply
title: a dead man on being dead or confessions of a dead man.
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > richa | 16-Dec-03/9:34 PM | Reply
first one was the first topic idea I had..

And confessions? well, he doesn't really need to confess does he? Everyone can smell it. Thanks for helping though, its appreciated.
[8] sliver @ | 16-Dec-03/6:45 AM | Reply
Long Time Gone
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > sliver | 16-Dec-03/9:32 PM | Reply
sliver- I appreciate the suggestion, but that really doesn't suit the haiku unless its beef we're talkin bout, in which case it would be modified to: My Freezer Died - Cowberg Met Mr. Sunshine
[n/a] Everyone @ | 16-Dec-03/11:11 AM | Reply
Any of the following titles will be fine:

Flatulent Zombie III
Risen Dung
The Brown Awakening
Soiled Ambulations
The Thomas Brown Affair
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > Everyone | 16-Dec-03/9:18 PM | Reply
flatulent zombie III? so whats I and II?

Risen dung? its a rotting corpse, not rotting crap.

Astro-turd? dead martians from mars? "man"!

The brown awakening.. hrmm.. not exactly what im looking for

Soiled Ambulations (damn, never came across that word when searching mr thesaurus!! but no)

The Thomas Brown Affair sounds fabulouse though. Thank you.
[10] horus8 @ | 16-Dec-03/9:43 PM | Reply
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