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There are only wolves, and sheep, and moon dance (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Nurse for the dead I know yr'e dance, like I know the sky Why I try to sigh and die beyond me, is monastic bald prayerings. draw my bath a sweet smell then draw me inside, under the water gazing up at you. love hands tight around my thick neck breaking my lips and parting solid words to surface again & again. Count me lucky and I will count you out. And they will count us in. 1..2..3... A door swings Wack! Wack! Hard wind prying in Out the window a dog flys by then an old lady knitting the sound of dirt on wood Mi words soft, cellular forever working their way back to yu. Sometimes, I wonder who I am. Often, I can't forget. We are a segueing. We are yes we are are we yes An Emeralding midnight drive. A dark green unstrung Spanish guitar solo At a Social Club Buena Vista. A Mother & Son A consummate tango. Columbian neck tie.

Up the ladder: Burst!
Down the ladder: The Last Day Of Christ

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Posted: September 3, 2003 1:52 AM PDT; Last modified: September 3, 2003 2:03 AM PDT
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[8] SupremeDreamer @ | 3-Sep-03/2:20 AM | Reply
Um.. well, im left thinking "durr.. huh?"

[n/a] Shardik @ > SupremeDreamer | 3-Sep-03/2:28 AM | Reply
About what?
[8] SupremeDreamer @ > Shardik | 3-Sep-03/2:33 AM | Reply
the poem. i dont get it. thats all.

then again, you and i both know about my drafty cranium, so i guess im not saying anything really.
[n/a] Shardik @ > SupremeDreamer | 3-Sep-03/2:37 AM | Reply
My mom's a nurse that helps people die. She's columbian German and i have an Oedipus complex. We she each other very rarely.
[8] SupremeDreamer @ > Shardik | 3-Sep-03/3:02 AM | Reply
Ah, alrighty.

[8] SupremeDreamer @ | 3-Sep-03/3:08 AM | Reply
hrmm.. ok, i get it now, but a question: is the confusing jibber here and there the mental breakdown of the mans mind as he goes through the process of death?

ex: We are yes we are are we yes

blessed with 8.
[n/a] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ > SupremeDreamer | 3-Sep-03/3:15 AM | Reply
No, when i was younger I was in a typhoon on kauai with my mom and I remember seeing weird shit flying by the windows, weird shit happend when i'm with my mom. that goes beyond description. i've written a lot about this in my poems horus8's "Activating your infinity" and "black sanded tropical vision". And quite a few others.
[8] SupremeDreamer @ > <{Baba^Yaga}> | 3-Sep-03/3:22 AM | Reply
yeah.. i have memories of my mother asking me if i see those spirits behind me.

-i turn around- what are you saying mamman?

theres one behind you, theres another siting right beside you as well.. you cant see them?


I can.
[n/a] A. Nomaly @ | 3-Sep-03/9:53 PM | Reply
of bathtub familiar, how does it go?
millions of pages turned noting
i will stop for a second/hold yer breath
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