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Minoan lover (Lyric) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Crete is where I left you On the first day of Spring Crete is where I left you With kiss and golden ring Crete is where I left you To go fight a King's war Crete is where I left you On a boat from the shore Crete is where I left you Though it tore out my heart Crete is where I left you In a house with no start Crete is where I left you While I die on this field Crete is where I left you With my son and my shield.

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.866667
Weighted score: 5.7633576
Overall Rank: 1778
Posted: January 21, 2003 5:59 PM PST; Last modified: January 21, 2003 5:59 PM PST
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[9] <~> @ | 21-Jan-03/6:44 PM | Reply
this would make a fuck of a villanelle, h
[9] INTRANSIT @ | 22-Jan-03/7:22 AM | Reply
My name is Maximus Desimus Meridius
Commander of the armies of the north
General of the felix legions
Loyal servant to the true emporer
Marcus Aurelius.
Father to a murdered son,
husband to a murdered wife,
and I will have my vengeance,
in this life or the next.
[9] <~> @ > INTRANSIT | 22-Jan-03/7:31 AM | Reply
[9] INTRANSIT @ > <~> | 22-Jan-03/7:33 AM | Reply
i'm busted! really though, any minute now.
[n/a] god'swife @ > INTRANSIT | 22-Jan-03/9:26 PM | Reply
Have you got the costume that goes with this soliloquy? I'd cream to see you step of the truck in leather breast-plate and pleated skirt. This is the part were I through my box of popcorn at the screen and walked out. I wrote " I Am the Widow of a Murdered Husband" that night. Mr. Crowe is the spitting image of my beloved's father, no kidding. I loved him in L.A. Confidential, and thought he did a great job with the crap he was given in Beautiful Mind, but this movie is a stinker all around. Foochy!
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 27-Jan-03/6:10 PM | Reply
Is this Movieranker now? I wouldn't call it a stinker, but it sure didn't deserve an Oscar. Neither did Crowe. That bearded bastard. Okay, I'm just being petty now. and jealous.
Oh, and the poem is good. It feels Hellenic.
[n/a] god'swife @ > Bill Z Bub | 28-Jan-03/12:34 AM | Reply
Tell me Billy-boy, why is it every other reply I get from you contains the word 'jealous'? What exactly makes you jealous? That I'm contemplating other men besides you? Are you becoming possessive? You puzzle me.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 28-Jan-03/12:42 AM | Reply
Mere coincidence my dear. My dislike of Crowe has nothing to do with you. You just happened to bring up the name. How could I be possesive of you? I don't know you. I don't know your name or what you look like or how old you are...
Just that you write divinely, and are very insightful. Thats it. It's four AM over here. I need to go to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzz
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Bill Z Bub | 28-Jan-03/12:45 AM | Reply
She's 52, she looks like a raisin and her name is Ambyr Nyghtfyre.
[n/a] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ | 27-Jan-03/5:37 PM | Reply
Not Bad for a chode but It seems a little repetive i gave it a six
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ | 27-Jan-03/6:05 PM | Reply
[6] [mojo] @ | 21-Apr-05/12:03 AM | Reply
Different. It bears the repetition well, but starts to founder. I'd cut verse 3. "House with no start" seems nonsencicle, or stretched at best.
[5] jh99 @ | 28-Feb-10/5:43 AM | Reply
Too many forced rhymes. The concept is original but the forced rhymes ruin it. Good start though.
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