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alienheart (Free verse) by Bill Z Bub
i look up with pinwheel eye and magnify: zeta reticuli! everything is turning grey; gelatinous sky & rooves of snow. my love is strange today, with almond eye, obsidian glow. watching lights change from red to go. my alien heart rising, a halcyon UFO. ii you are majestic true majic, let me abduct you to my freaky laboratory. i need a sample for my planet but thats just part of the story. ancient astronauts have claimed such territory but I'm faking footprints on the pyramids of mars. lets secretly strip have some fun, i want to touch your area 51. you can be my agent Scully I'll be a lone nut with a gun. when you're done with me I'll need an autopsy. making circles in the crops with bodies of bendy. time seems elastic, the missing hours swing away. what switch in our alien hearts makes us part? we're in balance we twins of the zodiac. looking for rest or a phone to call home.

Up the ladder: Front, Porch, Swing.
Down the ladder: Omerta el prostitute

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.5555553
Weighted score: 6.2777777
Overall Rank: 886
Posted: December 10, 2002 8:25 PM PST; Last modified: January 14, 2003 11:35 PM PST
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[n/a] razorgrin @ | 11-Dec-02/5:49 AM | Reply
watch out for them probes.
[10] ecargo @ | 11-Dec-02/6:54 AM | Reply
Hee! I love this! Playful, adept, "true majic."
[9] <~> @ | 11-Dec-02/8:10 AM | Reply
well, well, well done!
[9] <~> @ | 11-Dec-02/8:21 AM | Reply
the split and twisted cliches, the tweaked grammar and spellings, the lilty-playfulness of it all... marvel, admire, praise...i am.
[5] poetandknowit @ | 11-Dec-02/9:46 AM | Reply
what is a pinwheel eye? And I have no idea what "i want to touch your
area 51
you can be my agent Scully" but I like it. Pretty good stuff; just needs a bit of tightening.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > poetandknowit | 11-Dec-02/10:43 AM | Reply
Area 51 is a US Airforce base in the Nevada(?) desert, which is well known to conspiracy buffs, UFO researchers, and Roswell believers.
It allegedly houses crashed flying saucers and/or aliens and/or secret gov't UFO experiments.
Agent Scully is the red headed female FBI agent from the TV show The X-Files who is a sceptic,
and a hottie, and often performs autopsies. A Pinwheel eye is ... er... next question!
[10] ecargo @ > Bill Z Bub | 11-Dec-02/12:28 PM | Reply
Pinwheel eye made me think of those those typical sci-fi- movie "shots-from-underneath" of the UFO, with the spinning bottom, like an eye. Of course, then it'd be "I look up at pinwheel eye" I suppose . . . but it worked for me as is.
[5] poetandknowit @ > Bill Z Bub | 11-Dec-02/9:03 PM | Reply
Oh, I thought is where they tested atomic bombs and hangar 18 is where the kept the aliens. I have no idea who Scully is. I am completely out of touch with TV pop culture, but what a line.
[9] <~> @ > poetandknowit | 11-Dec-02/9:21 PM | Reply
you really never saw the x-files? not even at the outset?
what about twin peaks? did you catch that?
[5] poetandknowit @ > <~> | 11-Dec-02/9:39 PM | Reply
I do know X-files, but I have never seen it. I have also heard of Twin Peaks (David Lynch) but have never seen it. I have never played D&D, but I have heard about it. I know who Jerry Seinfeld is but I have never seen his show? As I said, when it comes to TV pop culture I fail miserably. I have never done heroin, but I know what it is. I have never been in the Brig, but I also know what that is. I have never eaten at Boston Chicken, but there is one within two miles of my house. Anything else?
[6] god'swife @ > poetandknowit | 11-Dec-02/11:40 PM | Reply
do you know what kindness is? It was an episode once, on Andy Griffith. The new boy rolled into town, a jew poor thing, and nobody understood Hanukkah. Except of course Opie, he invited him to dinner. His Aunt made bitter greens and Barney brought fresh rolls from the neighborhood bakery. Everybody had a good laugh.
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 11-Dec-02/11:43 PM | Reply
What are you talking about. Of course I know what kindness is.
[6] god'swife @ > poetandknowit | 11-Dec-02/11:48 PM | Reply
Of course you do, that's my point . Who needs to see it on television?
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 11-Dec-02/11:50 PM | Reply
But what does that have to do with me not understanding the references in this poem? Are you drunk? Is your lover there tonight?
[6] god'swife @ > poetandknowit | 11-Dec-02/11:58 PM | Reply
yes I'm drunk. No my lover just left. What was the next question?
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/12:01 AM | Reply
But what does that have to do with me not understanding the references in this poem? Are you drunk with love? Or just drunk? Is it pure? Can I touch your area 51?
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/12:01 AM | Reply
You made your lover leave at the witching hour? You are a secure woman. I am proud of you.
[6] god'swife @ > poetandknowit | 12-Dec-02/12:06 AM | Reply
We each have work in the morning, otherwise he'd be here all night. He's warm, and big- tall I mean. He grew a beard for me. He loves me.
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/12:10 AM | Reply
Does the beard make him look more intellectual? He cannot stay, get up early and leave. Does he not have the preverbal drawer at you house? Does he comb his hair proper? I cannot remember the last time I combed my hair.
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/12:10 AM | Reply
How tall? Is that all you want, is to be loved?
[6] god'swife @ > poetandknowit | 12-Dec-02/12:18 AM | Reply
Is that so wrong??? He's 6 foot even. The beard makes him look rough, nasty. It's easier with the boy if he's not here in the morning. Joey likes pancakes, for my love it's oatmeal.
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/12:23 AM | Reply
No, it is not.
[6] god'swife @ > poetandknowit | 12-Dec-02/12:02 AM | Reply
Oh yeah, television references, they're useless, that's my point. I went to a party about 5 years ago and everybody was taking t.v and movies. I said to someone, "whatever happened to the literary reference". They said "she left for better climes".
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/12:07 AM | Reply
I suppose I do not go to that type of party. Mine are full of bastards with diplomas, you know. Lonely bastards who only sit at the bar so they can always look in the mirror and keep themselves company. Did you know that in Russia it is only right for serious drunkards and scholars to drink alone? Otherwise, you are breaking social mores.
[10] horus8 @ > poetandknowit | 12-Dec-02/12:36 AM | Reply
sorry friend, not only could i and can i out drink you in the most severest of ways, but i would do it while holding your quill between my teeth and chandolier swinging the hula team.
i'm younger with less restraints, and i unlike you have a sense of humor,
than again "this is not the first time you tried to get away....if we get the room one more night...this is not a horse race were winners beat the time..this is not a funeral with mourners in a line...this is not a party where people know your name...this is not a classroom with teacher at the board. this is not a atilla with his mighty hoarde GO! DON'T YOU GOOOO OH OH! WONT YOU STAY WITH ME ONE MORE DAY... if we get the room one more night"
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 13-Dec-02/7:33 PM | Reply
is it so wrong to make funny words for the tv generation,

why is okay to make a reference to a book
but not a tv show?
because you and your friends have read the book?

Its all just beautiful stories

oh well
[6] god'swife @ > Bill Z Bub | 13-Dec-02/9:56 PM | Reply
Good questions boy, but right now I have to go help an old lady get into bed. I'll tackle you tomorrow, sometime after noon. I am the TEEVEE generation. 6 yrs old 12" from the black and white, I watched us walking. On the moon.
I saw a Kennedy shot not once but twice.

[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 14-Dec-02/8:23 AM | Reply
the moon! wish i could have seen that, but i'm a child of the 70's in the year of the rat.
[6] god'swife @ > Bill Z Bub | 15-Jan-03/12:26 AM | Reply
A rat?! A Rat really? well no wonder we have a kinship. My darling rats so diligent and out of touch. Rats always survive. i follow them quietly and make them fall in love with my elegance. My dear sweet rats.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 4-Jun-03/4:33 PM | Reply
[10] horus8 @ > poetandknowit | 12-Dec-02/12:25 AM | Reply
could you possibly be more suspicious?
[5] poetandknowit @ > horus8 | 12-Dec-02/12:26 AM | Reply
Oh, now it is back to the more gentle, loving horus8.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > poetandknowit | 12-Dec-02/10:22 AM | Reply
Hangar 18 is located in Area 51.
[6] god'swife @ | 11-Dec-02/11:33 PM | Reply
This poem is terrible. Get rid of the references. Are young men so really hard-up they'll fuck a-sexual green mini-beings?
[5] poetandknowit @ > god'swife | 11-Dec-02/11:34 PM | Reply
But I want to touch your area 51. Come on, please.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 12-Dec-02/11:16 AM | Reply
You know this isn't really about sex with aliens, right?
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > god'swife | 14-Jan-03/11:47 PM | Reply
Not so much hard-up, as just plain horny.
Horny like a Satyr in the Year of the Goat.
Horny like the devil.
[8] Bachus @ | 12-Dec-02/12:05 AM | Reply
hey wait a minute...."all dressed up with no where to go, walking with a dead man, i was struck by lightning walking down the street....don't run AWAY IT'S ONLY ME...DON'T BE AFRAID OF WHAT YOU CA AH AH AH AHANT' SEE..."10Y
[7] Caducus @ | 13-Dec-02/2:25 AM | Reply
Bought back bad memories of the 'probe violation' i suffered at the hands of Darth Invader, hes a dirty bastard.
[n/a] razorgrin @ | 13-Dec-02/11:33 AM | Reply
Bill, as an unashamed UFO etc. devotee (but a skeptical one), I dig the references. Scully is a total and utter hottie. I'm not into David Lynch, but D&D is one of my guiltier pleasures. I like the poem.
[9] <~> @ | 13-Jan-03/11:54 AM | Reply
why the re-post?
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > <~> | 13-Jan-03/3:19 PM | Reply
Because I changed a few words.
Also, I'm trolling for more votes.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > Bill Z Bub | 14-Jan-03/11:41 PM | Reply
[6] god'swife @ | 15-Jan-03/12:20 AM | Reply
A mish-mosh.
[9] Ranger @ | 15-Jan-03/1:05 AM | Reply
This poem seriously rocks, however I'm not 100 per cent sure that the TV references etc do work-even so, I can't really see anything else working so all I can say is "nice one!". 9
[10] horus8 @ | 15-Jan-03/8:27 PM | Reply
"what switch
in our alien hearts
makes us part?"
needs one more word
like 'today'
or jete'
(just kidding on the last one)
or some down beat
otherwise a serious favorite of mine..i realize i've been
giving you votes in this run that will keep you from re-editing,
that's cool, i understand..these poems are really moving and
sculpted, and i don't blame you.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > horus8 | 28-Feb-03/8:09 PM | Reply
Eight is my favorite number,

thankyou for all the kind words and encouragement. it means a lot to me at this juncture. By the way, I finally found "Gangbox" and am listening to "Growl" right now.
Fucking amazing! And after seeing your picture, I now believe everything you've ever said. Forgive this skeptic...
Now I shall do an magic tricke, and shrink into nothingness, walk away on molecules of atmosphere, smaller than a blood clot... necessary so necessary so right on time in a blind taste test three out of five goatmen prefer the taste of hormone injected sugarcoated flax nuggets
[8] Bachus @ > Bill Z Bub | 1-Mar-03/2:47 AM | Reply
Growl is actually one of those earlier songs off of my first album that i rather enjoy. Every time i wanted the back up singer to giggle laugh i would just push her belly. Now that's an instrument. My favorite song though is thorn apple the baby fat.
It's well produced, has great chords and lyrics. What i call the hole in one.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > Bachus | 7-Mar-03/6:48 PM | Reply
Shit, I just gave a listen to thorn apple the baby fat. ace! ace! triple ace!

[In retrospect, the value of the Buddha's ministry
is beyond
the need for latent states, host-parasite
relationships including disease mechanism.]
[10] deleted user @ | 16-Jan-03/7:59 PM | Reply
punk rock
[8] Bachus @ | 4-Jun-03/3:57 PM | Reply
A personal favourite of mine, a poemranker must read for all.
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