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I care 4 you (Free verse) by jessicasgurl
I guess im wishin my life away, with these things ill never say, it don't do me any good, its just a waste of time, what use is it to you whats on my mind, if it aint comin out were noot goin anywhere, why can't I tell you that i care? cause im feelin scared or nervous, tryin to be so perfect cause your worth it. Now whats wrong wit my tounge, these words keep slippin away. i studder i stumble like i've got nuttin to say, but wait ive got sumthin to say i care 4 you now finally these words come out of my mouth.

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Arithmetic Mean: 4.4
Weighted score: 4.9284782
Overall Rank: 9359
Posted: June 22, 2004 10:46 AM PDT; Last modified: June 22, 2004 10:46 AM PDT
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[n/a] jessicasgurl @ | 22-Jun-04/6:31 PM | Reply
hey yall i think that this one is by best that i have posted and i would like yalls oppinion on thank yall
[n/a] jessicasgurl @ | 22-Jun-04/6:42 PM | Reply
go read the one i care 4 you and it is alot better than my other one srry if some of you are haters on my work but whateva i have ppl who like so idk what the haters think but yall go read my other poem "I CARE 4 YOU" and rate it plz holla imma fixin to bounce so PE@CE OUT
[n/a] jessicasgurl @ > jessicasgurl | 22-Jun-04/6:43 PM | Reply
im stuck in this little box help
[2] Stephen Robins @ | 23-Jun-04/7:19 AM | Reply
Well done for breaking every cardinal rule which is held sacred on poemranker.

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