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About: When I first posted work on this website I was honestly interested in reading the work of other "aspiring writers." And some of you have been helpful, some of you I think are very positive, anonymous people. But I think some of you have spent too much time downloading porn after your parents have gone to bed and your hallucinagenic, angst, wannabe-intellectual poetry is nothing the world will read after you've finally done the world a favor and killed yourselves. To some of the amazing writers on this site, godswife included, keep on with it, but try to encourage those who are not so naturally gifted, instead of trying to shut them down completely. At least, that's what I thought the point of this site was...
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Summer2-Feb-03/4:12 PM
For Brianna30-Jan-03/5:25 PM

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Summer Free verse 5.91;64 08-Jun-05 (0) 1455 20-Mar-04 26
For Brianna Free verse 6.00;11 08-Jun-05 (0) 1260 02-Dec-03 9
5.95;75 08-Jun-05 1357.50 20-Mar-04 35

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