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About: I am not the type of girl you see very often. I believe in freedom of speech, saying what I want even when it hurts. I like Shakespeare and cafes for my autumn and winter days, my summer nights wouldn't refuse a good party. I am an atheist because I'm too smart to believe in a figment of human imagination, despite the fact that during my darkest moments I cannot turn to a fabricated omnipotent being for strength. I have been accused of being a sesquipedalian writer and a verbose speaker, though only by illiterate hypocrites that are simply intimidated by literati and can't keep their stupidity sub rosa. But truth is, I'm more of a strategical advisor than a leader, and people tell me that when I'm not mad I tend to be quite genteel. Now, isn't that odd?
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Location: Israel
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Last poems posted:
Bleeding28-Dec-05/2:31 AM
The Play2-Oct-05/12:46 PM
Bilateral5-Apr-05/11:31 PM

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title style avg;# last
# last
Bleeding Free verse 5.49;6 15-Jan-07 (0) 2803 30-Dec-05 2
Hanging Gallows Free verse 5.21;4 17-Jun-05 (0) 4469 29-Apr-05 3
Celestial Veil Free verse 5.09;4 17-Jun-05 (0) 6284 06-Apr-05 2
Golden Sands Free verse 5.08;3 17-Jun-05 (0) 6469 06-Apr-05 2
Bilateral Free verse 5.03;4 17-Jun-05 (0) 7327 21-May-05 1
The Play Free verse 4.93;5 15-Jan-07 (0) 9369 02-Oct-05 3
5.14;26 15-Jan-07 6120.17 30-Dec-05 13

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