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Lemons Don't Grow (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
Please don't bring me down I'm growing to tall Please don't bring me down Your short posture is killing me (its knife is sharp for its kind) Find a tissue to be your ladder Wipe the liquid from your face Spawn solids so you won't sink When you try to stand on them (you'll grow up) Kill the ocean; don't help it Your salty onions could feed a million fish Standing still forgot how to grow And walking forgot how to wait for the other (standing still soul) Your face it to red I can't look at you You were stung by the other bee The bee who could see (where he was going) I was blind; I could not see what I had Finding this place was accidental - I was lead by the sadness Just looking for happiness I guess irony could be the case from both of us (We both bleed from the wound I created)

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