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The Cracks in my Wall (Free verse) by Richard
I imagined a different Sunset ending this dreary day, Maybe more colors, more flavors, just more spice! I'm not hopeless, I hope, but I'm given to spats of terrible cruelty from time to time. Today, there was no change or modification to the plan, I was just supposed to be evil. There was the neighbors pet that I was due to punish, small pleasures to be had through visciousness. And the local disadvantaged, scrawny, hopeless, sad kid on the block needed some attention; just the prefunctory smacking around, no blood, just bruises. Theft, of the most common kind; candy bars, gum, small items slipped into gaping pockets. While purchasing the cheap refill of a fountain drink. Sweetness- It wasl also in the program to sneak away from the "Machine" of common programming. Did I tell you that I hate school? Not the typical hate, ignorance, or stupidy of most student bodies, but the hate of boredom. I don't feel challenged... So maybe today I thought that things would be different. It was sad to note that the neighbors pet had been hit by a car and was unavailable for torment. The next crimp in my plan came as a shock when I found that the sad soul of the kid I wanted to pick on was already in hell. Seems suicide was the path he chose to walk today. What a short walk to a nowhere destination, can this be remorse I feel? To complicate matters, it seems my theft was noted along with my truancy. I never knew the backseat of a police car smelled so bad... I guess you could say I wished I could have seen the Sunset, But all I have are these cracks in the wall to stare at...

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