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sum of squares (Free verse) by nentwined
I've got to find the cycle here that maximizes pleasure-- for some that means enduring pain but I've pain enough already; I've got equations in my head of what is good and what is bad and how to weigh them, one and all to find the blessed life. I've got to find the cycle that means I've lived my life the better-- the time to diet, the time to splurge, the time to drink, the time to purge; when to addict and when to cut, how to know the good from rut-- and so I sit and contemplate to differentiate what varies, where to say enough's enough and when to say it's not quite snuff; give me coffee, give me beer, and help me calculate what I hold dear.

Up the ladder: Aphrodite (edited)
Down the ladder: Often, I'll sit down to pee

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Posted: April 13, 2004 12:54 PM PDT; Last modified: April 13, 2004 12:54 PM PDT
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[8] deleted user @ | 13-Apr-04/3:37 PM | Reply
I think the idea of Least Squares would work here, minimizing the sum of squared differences from something and thereby deriving a best-fit curve. This seems to ramble some, a bit repititious, but still it's a good take on the tug-of-war.
[8] deleted user @ > deleted user | 15-Apr-04/1:42 PM | Reply
But if you tread on this hallowed ground, your poetry must be impecably mathematical or incur diatribe, probably starting with "Good grief," and ending with "Mam."
[9] Shuushin @ | 13-Apr-04/6:32 PM | Reply
a great flow K, I like a good rhyme when it isn't forced, and this one works well on a non-common sentiment.
[10] caitydee @ | 17-May-04/8:40 PM | Reply
I love this-you have read my mind. Good job.
[n/a] nentwined @ > caitydee | 17-May-04/9:00 PM | Reply
glad to hear it. you a sagittarius? ;)
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