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Colors Collide (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
Turning the lights on and off Seeing the colors go on and off My mind's ago system is sleeping on and off Can't sleep, my head turns around and around and around Seeing the colors turn blue The sky turned red Blue and red; purple bruises escape Clouds fade, but rain still falls Could my thirst be quenched? Blank books Blank pages Seeing my reflection from the cover The pages show everything but me Look around; you see nothing? Could a place of misfortune Find a home? A home to live in? Live Live Live Live Live until the other dies? NO! The guitars will always play The tune you will always love... Yet, hate to no end You only love it for its price And not for the oil! So I continue to rant Rant and rave; But thoughts still clear Transparent than ever But opaque to the twirling eye! Killing all hope Stealing all fashion Bombing my ego system And sneaking into the real world...

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.428571
Weighted score: 5.384202
Overall Rank: 3231
Posted: March 25, 2004 6:33 PM PST; Last modified: March 25, 2004 6:45 PM PST
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[8] Shuushin @ | 25-Mar-04/6:42 PM | Reply
quen[t]ched (no T) - quick fix it before u get votes!
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > Shuushin | 25-Mar-04/6:45 PM | Reply
and done.
[8] Shuushin @ | 25-Mar-04/6:56 PM | Reply
Well, I like it for the unusual construction. Does the repetition work? Might be a tad overdone.

I wonder what the consensus will be.

Either way I can deal with it. The last fourth is a bit pimply yet it stays entertaining enough - probably because it doesn't come off as taking itself too seriously.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > Shuushin | 25-Mar-04/7:00 PM | Reply
hm... okie dokie

[7] deleted user @ | 25-Mar-04/7:31 PM | Reply
"More transparent than ever."
Some good free-flow imaging, and too many repeats for my taste. It's a poem I feel and don't feel a need to understand.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ | 25-Mar-04/7:42 PM | Reply
When colors collide and make one color, it will turn into a different color, correct? ... and if all the colors in the world collided, then the resulting color would, in fact, be black. Black meaning confusion and distaste, maybe? know that if you mix the colors that they will all turn black, but you don't know why...

Kind of like this poem. I 'collided' all of my thoughts and made them turn into a 'black' color... Confusion and distaste, if not any other adjective.
You know that if you mix all of your thoughts togather, they won't make any sense, but you don't know why.

Or maybe we do.
Because the words don't make sense? ... but colors make sense. You see the black, don't you? ... and you see the words.

So you don't know why. You see the words. You see the black.
You don't understand why the words don't make sense. Why can't they be re-arranged to make sense?
...Why is the color black the resulting color? ... Why not pink, blue, brown, red, purple? ...

Eh... Thats how i think of the poem and how i named it... - of course, this could make no sense, whatsoever and I could be making a fool of myself (which is was i'm feeling right now) .... But... I think its healthy to express my thoughts every once in a while, don't you think?
[8] Shuushin @ > Blindpoetry | 25-Mar-04/8:07 PM | Reply
I kinda get what u is saying, but I think the general schyentifical consensus is that a combination of all colors makes, in fact, white.

Black is the absence of color.

but PLEASE - don't tell anyone. Especially not here...

[9] zodiac @ > Shuushin | 25-Mar-04/8:26 PM | Reply
You're too late. A balanced combination of all colors of light is white. A balanced combination of all pigments is black. Vice versa for their absence. Is that racist? Oh, yes, definitely.
[8] Shuushin @ > zodiac | 25-Mar-04/8:28 PM | Reply
its actually a stinky muddy brown - I just tested it.

Now I'm fresh out of pigs.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > zodiac | 26-Mar-04/2:17 PM | Reply
Was I just accused of being racist? No, I am not. This place worries more about there religion and color and *place something you guys usually argue about*, more than the damn poetry. >_<; My opinion.

- I was just saying 'black' because thats what I got when I mixed all of my crayons together (in K5, mind you) and the resulting color what black. egh. So what if I am wrong? Just replace 'black' with 'white' and my point isn't bothered by that fact, and keeps to its stupid reasons... k?
[8] Shuushin @ > Blindpoetry | 26-Mar-04/3:05 PM | Reply
Oh, don't worry about him - he causes trouble for a living.
[9] zodiac @ > Blindpoetry | 26-Mar-04/8:08 PM | Reply
No, you weren't accused of being racist. I accused my own comment of being racist, along with several properties of the visible spectrum and matter, tried myself in absentia, and then forgot about the whole boring business.

Concerning "This place worries more about there religion and color and *place something you guys usually argue about*, more than the damn poetry," I would suggest checking my profile page, where you'll see I've voted/commented on more poems than almost any current user. Then I'd suggest inserting 'affordable beard materials for a homemade black Jesus' for *...* and seeing if you can write a poem more worth worrying about.

Have a good night. And great poem, by the way. You're really coming along!
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