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Colors Collide (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
Turning the lights on and off Seeing the colors go on and off My mind's ago system is sleeping on and off Can't sleep, my head turns around and around and around Seeing the colors turn blue The sky turned red Blue and red; purple bruises escape Clouds fade, but rain still falls Could my thirst be quenched? Blank books Blank pages Seeing my reflection from the cover The pages show everything but me Look around; you see nothing? Could a place of misfortune Find a home? A home to live in? Live Live Live Live Live until the other dies? NO! The guitars will always play The tune you will always love... Yet, hate to no end You only love it for its price And not for the oil! So I continue to rant Rant and rave; But thoughts still clear Transparent than ever But opaque to the twirling eye! Killing all hope Stealing all fashion Bombing my ego system And sneaking into the real world...

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