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I Love You (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
Loving you is the best thing I can do, Seeing your face makes me want to do, That long kiss - I should do, Just because I love you too. And I count the days, Wondering when I'll see that lovely face, Hoping you feel the same way. And if that's the case, I'll love you forever. - Spence

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.0
Weighted score: 5.0
Overall Rank: 7503
Posted: December 19, 2003 8:32 AM PST; Last modified: December 19, 2003 8:32 AM PST
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[n/a] richa @ | 19-Dec-03/8:39 AM | Reply
All the do and too rhymes are pointless.

try - seeing your face/makes me want/that long kiss - for the first four lines (kiss even half-rhymes with face).
[0] Everyone @ | 19-Dec-03/11:23 AM | Reply
The Blubber Periscope

Loving you is what I should do
But seeing your face makes me spew
It's not your fault - I should know
I was the one who made it grow.
If hadn't snapped the bulbosity gland
Things wouldn't have got so out of hand-
I'd still have my dungarees,
And you'd be able to see your knees.
But as it is you'll just have to cope
With life seen through a periscope,
And rolling around like a spherical jelly,
You can use this Bum Harness to go for a smelly.
Time's up I'm afraid - I'd better get going
(Your tights have just burst and your buttocks are showing)
And much as I'd love to stay here and chat,
I'd rather eat dung than take one look at THAT
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > Everyone | 21-Dec-03/6:20 PM | Reply
um... I kinda hope thats not a parody of my poem? Why so harsh? I thought this was a place for some helpful critisism, not a place to humiliate the lower writer! ...
[0] Everyone @ > Blindpoetry | 21-Dec-03/9:48 PM | Reply
I'm sorry, you're right. This is a place for helpful criticism, not a place to humiliate lower writers like you. I hope we can still be friends. Besides, it wasn't a parody of your poeme. It was a parody of your face. Thanks.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > Everyone | 22-Dec-03/7:26 AM | Reply
Um... You know what I look like? Hm... weird, indeed, eh? Thanks for suming things up for me! I don't see what I did to insult you, or to deserve that odd insult... but.. eh, life is life... I am I... poeple are people... you are bitch... ;)
[5] Shuushin @ | 20-Dec-03/6:53 PM | Reply
I don't know, spence...

I doesn't say much more that what's said in the title alone.
[n/a] AskittlesK @ | 28-May-04/8:09 PM | Reply
Lol! yes same title there! This was pretty good
[8] RION12 @ | 5-Oct-04/7:59 PM | Reply
I fell in love with this poem.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > RION12 | 5-Oct-04/11:41 PM | Reply
you idiot
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 6-Oct-04/4:27 PM | Reply
your both crazy
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Blindpoetry | 7-Oct-04/7:29 AM | Reply
"who you tryin' to get crazy with, esse? Don't you know I go loco on you?"
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 7-Oct-04/4:19 PM | Reply
Loco in the cavasa - yes, i agree you are.
[1] edpeterson @ > Blindpoetry | 28-Feb-05/1:09 PM | Reply
what the fuck is a cavasa?
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > edpeterson | 28-Feb-05/1:11 PM | Reply
a head.

loco in the head.
Retarded, stupid, crazy in the head.
[8] RION12 @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 24-Feb-05/6:43 PM | Reply
I am a idiot. I am a American Idiot and I love it!
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > RION12 | 24-Feb-05/6:55 PM | Reply
Green Day sucks.
[8] RION12 @ > Blindpoetry | 26-Feb-05/7:18 PM | Reply
Fuch you. If you think Green Day sucks you suck because they are great.
[n/a] deleted user @ > RION12 | 26-Feb-05/7:29 PM | Reply
Green Day is ok. I guess but they do kind of suck. Sorry RION12 I have to go with Blindpoetry.DON'T HURT ME LATER!!!!!
[n/a] zodiac @ > deleted user | 27-Feb-05/10:09 PM | Reply
Watch out, Blindpoetry's posts are a magnet for insipid preteen semiarguments.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > zodiac | 28-Feb-05/12:52 PM | Reply
No. It's that Dark Bagel. And his AIDs obsession or whatever.
[8] RION12 @ > deleted user | 3-Mar-05/11:44 PM | Reply
I will hurt you later. Just watch because tommarow at school I am going to get you.
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