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The War On Pedophilia (Free verse) by miraclemaker
seeking not to be lost in my country drawn to the ocean by the moon suctioned under by the tides' undertoe neccessitating a disguise for my pain swimming in water like a human off land morphed like Michael Jackson's face fearing Netherland like McCauley Caulken the monied hermit turned pedophile exposed acting on even insanity's unimaginable a human comodity burnt to a crisp poured gasoline over his own integrity lit by the matchstick of the untouchable our sons, eaten whole by the cookie monster way out there, on top of his ferris wheel along with mini-me the first and second hot air balloon inflated with fan screams children, adults, to the child-adult oblivious to his overly obvious perversion to me, the fish-human swimming in water oblivious I am swimming against the current living without need of Walmart or Kinko's creating art with every swish of my tail world forgiveness with each gulp of water confronting death with my eyes wide open a sure-fire distraction: War In Netherland from the president of the united states like a draft card, burning in the wind set my nose upstream, to every reality the currents, tides, moon and our galaxy providing the landscape for the universe seeing the big picture just getting bigger taming colorful designs on the my easel dancing wildly on ecstatic shades of blue

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.428571
Weighted score: 5.1152606
Overall Rank: 5952
Posted: December 3, 2003 8:35 AM PST; Last modified: December 3, 2003 8:35 AM PST
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[5] J.B. Manning @ | 3-Dec-03/11:06 AM | Reply
[10] horus8 @ | 3-Dec-03/1:10 PM | Reply
Very good, it's a miracle.
[10] horus8 @ | 3-Dec-03/1:12 PM | Reply
Only because, for some reason, that shits not funny. Kids and animals should never be abused.
It's a sign of devilution.
[5] J.B. Manning @ > horus8 | 3-Dec-03/2:04 PM | Reply
well stop abusing them then, freak.
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > J.B. Manning | 3-Dec-03/5:28 PM | Reply
Stop acting like a baby then.
[5] J.B. Manning @ > Jeremi B. Handrinos | 4-Dec-03/10:49 AM | Reply
[7] RealmOfSong @ | 4-Dec-03/8:12 AM | Reply
I dont think pedophilia or bestiality are jokes either... doing something like that takes a heinously sick mind...

but the poem is good ^_^
[5] J.B. Manning @ > RealmOfSong | 4-Dec-03/4:35 PM | Reply
[6] richa @ | 4-Dec-03/9:27 AM | Reply
ok the first half if not a little confusing. The number of images drag the reader about too much. The second part you seem to be writing about yourself for some reason, did you get bored of the paedophilia thing.
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