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Outhouse (Haiku) by newagepoet2000
flowers grow happily as the feces seeps away did you shit today?

Up the ladder: Para Sa Aking Sinta
Down the ladder: Thong Thoo

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Arithmetic Mean: 3.7169812
Weighted score: 3.7169821
Overall Rank: 13506
Posted: November 14, 2003 9:39 AM PST; Last modified: November 14, 2003 9:39 AM PST
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[4] SupremeDreamer @ | 14-Nov-03/10:53 AM | Reply
675? Close enough I guess.

blessed with 4.

Oh, and not to be rude.. but your nick makes mine seem smashin, really- I can't keep from giggling everytime I read "new age poet" since the first thought that pops up in my head is: "whats that? virgin hippies meet MDMA+pantheism?"

No offense intended, just being liberal with my opinion.
[0] titan69 @ | 14-Nov-03/12:52 PM | Reply
what a load of shit
[5] Shuushin @ | 15-Nov-03/12:26 AM | Reply
Hmmmm. stinky, and I'm annoyed at the waste of the precious posting space (not being blessed with multiple user names - and I'm not saying you are either, and besides, it's perfectly legal).

-5- cuz it's the closest thing to a real haiku anyone has posted here in a while (at least it's about nature).
[0] capachijim @ | 19-Nov-03/3:21 PM | Reply
[1] cleverdevice @ | 1-Dec-03/3:25 AM | Reply
feces? Faeces surely, unless you're a dammed yank.
[n/a] kingit @ | 8-Dec-03/10:14 PM | Reply
NO friggin' way this is the worst of THIS site!!! I'm goin ta git shit-feced.
[0] capachijim @ | 9-Dec-03/3:33 PM | Reply
kill yourself, do it twice
[10] Bachus @ | 9-Dec-03/4:19 PM | Reply
Not yet, but when I do? I won't be because of you.
[8] SILYLILGURL @ | 30-Dec-03/8:52 PM | Reply
thats funny!!!! i love it!! it's so crazy it might work!!!
[1] LuV_jOhNnY @ | 9-Jan-04/9:05 PM | Reply
Its kinda funny, in a grotesque immature kind of way
[1] Shade_dreamer @ | 16-Jan-04/9:54 AM | Reply
There is an art to crude imagry. This doesn't cut it.
[n/a] Everyone @ > Shade_dreamer | 17-Jan-04/4:12 PM | Reply
[from The Banned Diaries Of Sir Arthur Weatherby-Browne]

Alone in the yard, beyond the last of the wilting Azaleas, lies The Outhouse. A place of solitude, and of shame; see how it basks in its filth, taunting me with its soiled bounty. How many loved-ones have fallen there? Swallowed whole by its endless hunger for the browne? I'm wearing pyjamas now. Sieve in hand - the Earth will not claim this treasure! I lower my pants. And lay dung...

Trapped in the sieve! Writhing like a worm on a hook! My darling! I carry the beloved filtrate back to the bedchamber, there to bathe it, and clothe it in silk. But kicking and screaming, ever tethered to an old man's beard - that is no life for a crumbling stool!

Hands clasped in prayer, and weeping, I watch it ride off in its chariot. Black against the setting sun. Wrapped in a veil.
[7] daveslady @ | 4-Mar-04/12:10 AM | Reply
liked it, made me smile
[0] Sasha @ | 9-May-04/2:28 PM | Reply
You know this shit you have posted has a stench more vile than any that comes out of my own or anybody else's rectum.
[0] DustyStar @ | 16-Jun-04/4:38 PM | Reply
can u say barf?
[7] sanity @ | 30-Jul-04/4:55 PM | Reply
Hmmm interesting thoughts, bet I know where you were when you thought of this one.................
[10] 7!3 @ | 19-Nov-04/9:12 PM | Reply
i think the point of the last line was to rhyme? dunno. even that,... lol funny
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