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Voting on PoemRanker (Free verse) by LuckyJoe
Nines and Tens, Quite fine work, Soothing to mind, Easy on the eyes. But wait… the blue bees will come to sting. Leaving goose eggs, bumps wrongly portraying. Why…Why can’t you explain your vote? I can handle the sevens and eights, But not date rape! Don’t fuck me like you know me. Blue wads of unknown foes who vote. Keep your child baring glue! Zeros given without stating reason. Cause they are their own hero! Mostly fives and sixes, Nothing to boast about, Work harder that we will and do. The blue votes mean nothing, Just consider suggestions made. We’ll put it together, make it work. Threes and fours, Almost out the door, Needing some work. Stick around we’ll all help. We know how it feels. So don’t worry; we’ll keep it real. Ones and Twos, That’s the blues, Haven’t seen much trash like that, Something that bad you’re going to get bashed, Maybe the best idea is keep your poetry to yourself? Or work on writing more. A poem a day, will keep the negativity away. Its trash to bash the beauty of poetry, So I say “Go hug a tree!” Yah! Saying that is giving glee. But now…now I must pee.

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.5
Weighted score: 5.134471
Overall Rank: 5472
Posted: September 1, 2003 12:55 PM PDT; Last modified: September 13, 2003 5:22 PM PDT
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[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ | 1-Sep-03/1:06 PM | Reply
genius.. kiddo, your poetry does not look like the work of brilliance, and weed certainly wont help.

[0] suprembeaner @ | 13-Sep-03/5:33 PM | Reply
even my luckeypoo' poem is better.
in toher word dont quit your hill billy porn studio.
i hope you kill yoursel over this "0"
[0] suprembeaner @ > suprembeaner | 13-Sep-03/5:33 PM | Reply
i meant to say "tother".
[6] ?-Dave_Mysterious-? @ | 14-Sep-03/3:00 PM | Reply
0 or 10 are the best marks, and are both equally excellent. All other marks are too mediocre to be worth anything. -6-
[4] nentwined @ > ?-Dave_Mysterious-? | 14-Sep-03/7:21 PM | Reply
nicely put. ;)
[4] nentwined @ | 14-Sep-03/7:21 PM | Reply
[10] Druid_Girl_1984 @ | 17-Sep-03/11:52 AM | Reply
hehe 10
[10] TLRufener @ | 9-Jun-04/8:26 PM | Reply
I love this poem. It's good for a laugh, and it's relatively truthful. Nice job!
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