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Loki's Tryst (Ode) by OneFingerAnswer
"The mighty mason and his steed, They have almost completed their deed. The wall will be done soon Then I will owe the sun and moon. If I have to give Freya to be his wife I swear to you Loki, I will take your life." This they say Odin did swear, And so the Trickster became a mare. Blast and steed were quick with stone But it was too much be done alone And so while the mason built away Loki bid the steed to stray And through the sky went sun and moon And Svadilfari was kept from returning soon Behind a bush nature took unnatural shape, With Svadilfari and Loki nape to nape And leg to leg, moving thrust for thrust One does not betray Odin's trust For Loki named the terms to be done And almost lost the moon and sun And if Freya was to be wed Odin would see Loki dead But the morrow was the end And own life he did defend For if the work was not done Then nothing did had the mason won And so the wall was built for free And Blast's true form they did see A giant of rock, strong and mean But Mjollnir did kill him clean Guided by the hand of Thor Through Blast's head the hammer tore So on did Loki live And a present he did give After one half and ten months whole Loki did bring a arachnid foal On eight legs the horse did stride And Loki sent him to Odin's side And on he went to say

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Posted: August 30, 2003 10:12 PM PDT; Last modified: August 30, 2003 10:12 PM PDT
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[9] horus8 @ | 31-Aug-03/12:32 PM | Reply
Sleipner, Odin's horse. I love mythology. Way to go, and you didn't give anything away either. Awesome.
[9] Y2kSlamPoet @ | 31-Aug-03/7:47 PM | Reply
Hrmm.. i might not care for greek mythology poetry, but i think you just sold me on the Norse poetry..

Dont ask me why i like one and not the other.. because im human, opinionated, and am cursed with a discriminative taste organ, aka tongue.

[7] Tintagiles @ | 31-Aug-03/9:28 PM | Reply
Hmm. I'm not sure I'm convinced. Perhaps this is because it's not my favourite bit of the whole leadup to Ragnarok, possibly because I know so many wonderful prose versions of it that seeing it put into rhyme seems a little wrong, somehow. I dunno... it's not that's it's bad or anything, but it leaves me rather cold.
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