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Igor's inspiration (Free verse) by zzinnia66
I saw the song of sunlight in an open-throated lily six-stepped through and through by black-banded _Bombi_ who harvested as was their right and flew despite what’s true.

Down the ladder: A girl named Chuck

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.6
Weighted score: 5.8
Overall Rank: 1695
Posted: July 14, 2003 10:56 AM PDT; Last modified: July 14, 2003 10:56 AM PDT
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[7] nentwined @ | 14-Jul-03/1:52 PM | Reply
? :) definitely a mindtwister for me. I can't find the rhythm (is stepped one or two syllables in your reading? (not that I can find it either way, but I'm curious as to the "tone" there))

la la la! :)

does six-stepped mean something?

ooh. What's a Bombi? (I read that as Bambi at least 7 times. it now makes less sense but in a clearer way (I couldn't figure out where a deer was coming from).

la la la. :)
[n/a] zzinnia66 @ > nentwined | 14-Jul-03/2:15 PM | Reply
Six-stepped--a 2 step, as performed by bees. :) The meter is uneven on purpose. should give the weaving feeling of a bee in flight.

Folklore is that Igor Sikorsky was inspired to invent the helicopter by watching a bumble bee (_Bombus americanus_, plural, _Bombi_). For the longest time, it was thought to be scientifically impossible for bumblebees to fly, given their mass and energy consumption. It's all about the lift, really.

Again, perplexingly obscure reference, for the literati and the geeks here on the ranker. And, of course, for the gardeners cum entymologists among us.

[10] INTRANSIT @ | 15-Jul-03/5:44 AM | Reply
Hey Z! Glad you're ok! Did you see yourself when you wrote this? You should have. Sorry to hear Africa wasn't quite. But you went! Kudos! Now why this isn't getting better scores is beyond me. Even without the helicopter info, it's all there. Gotta run. Kisses! kisses!
[n/a] Christof @ | 15-Jul-03/6:15 AM | Reply
I have to say, without the background info I was a bit baffled, but the last line rocks - a reference to their seemingly impossible flight?
[7] scitz @ | 15-Jul-03/3:57 PM | Reply
Pure but the title reminds me of Draculas insect eating slave.

How was Afrique?
[9] Bachus @ | 15-Jul-03/5:09 PM | Reply
Quite the looking glass.
[n/a] <~> @ > Bachus | 15-Jul-03/8:47 PM | Reply
i tried the "eat me" first, and this was what came out.
i've since moved on to the "drink me" portion of our evening, and so i will post this:
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