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Ga-go, Part two of that same play, the suspensefull climax. (Other) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
DISSOLVE TO INT. CLASSROOM – NEXT DAY Ferdinand sits in the back of the class, taking notes as a Teacher lectures. Blondie throws a paper ball at Ferdinand, and hits him in the head. The other Boys snicker while Ferdinand pretends to ignore it. FERDINAND (V.O.) And that’s how it was. Every day I was picked on, made fun of, and humiliated. The next day we’d wake up and do it all over again. EXT. FIELD -- DAY -- SERIES OF SHOTS The Boys learn how to tie knots. The Boys run an obstacle course. The Boys play soccer. The Boys do push-ups and sit-ups. The Boys run around a track. Ferdinand is the worst at each event. INT. BUNKS – NIGHT –SERIES OF SHOTS The boys are playing chess The boys make their beds for inspection The boys shine their shoes, and fix their uniforms. The boys grooming and showering and writing letters. The boys in the classroom learning. Ferdinand is the best student and the most organized. DISSOLVE TO: CLOSE UP ON FERDINAND IN BED -- EVENING Ferdinand lies curled in his bed, crying softly. FERDINAND (V.O.) I cried myself to sleep every night for a year. Thank god I at least was better in the classroom than any of the other boys. That kept me motivated that sooner or later I’d catch up and be accepted by the other boys. And that day came not soon after. That was the day Emilio arrived. EXT. FENCING ARENA -- DAY Ferdinand and the other Boys take instruction from the Fencing Teacher. It is slightly gloomy but a beautiful grey day nonetheless in early Spring. FENCING TEACHER At which point, the lunge, which many believe is the only way to secure victory, becomes useless. The Fencing Instructor demonstrates the move on a dummy. SECRETARY Excuse me, sir? The Fencing Teacher halts his demonstration. Standing next to the Secretary is EMILIO VASQUEZ, 13, Filipino. Handsome, athletic, and physically more mature than most of the other Boys. FENCING TEACHER What, get on with it? SECRETARY We have a new arrival. The Major said for him to join class immediately. FENCING TEACHER Very well. The Secretary leaves. The Fencing Teacher waves over Emilio. FENCING TEACHER Hurry along. (Emilio obeys) Do you know how to Fence? Ah... EMILIO Emilio… A little, sir. FENCING TEACHER How about you give us a demonstration? That way we can gauge your skill, Master Emilio. EMILIO Sir, it would be my honor. The Fencing Teacher tosses Emilio a sword, then he raises his own. FENCING TEACHER En guard. The Fencing Teacher slices towards Emilio with a few jabs. Emilio blocks them easily, and parries. FENCING TEACHER Very good The Fencing Teacher attacks again, this time more intense. Emilio again blocks the swings, and then slices back as equally intense. Not expecting the attack, the Fencing Teacher stumbles back upon the slick grass. the Boys laugh. Embarrassed, the Fencing Teacher regains his balance. FENCING TEACHER A lucky strike, Master Emilio. But let’s see how you do when I don’t hold back. ENGARDE! The Fencing Teacher attacks with a flurry of swings, pushing Emilio back. The Boys watch intently as the Fencing Teacher dominates Emilio -- Suddenly, Emilio ducks a fierce swing and launches into his own attack. Caught off guard, the Fencing Teacher struggles to defend himself. Emilio advances relentlessly, until he swats the Fencing Teacher’s sword away. He smiles, holding his sword at the Fencing Teacher’s THROAT. EMILIO Do you yield sir? FENCING TEACHER Yes, for now Everyone is stunned silent. One young man even faints. After a moment, Emilio lowers the sword, tosses it to the Teacher, and takes his place in line breathing effortlessly. FENCING TEACHER Out of breath and struggling to get up and regain his composure wipes the moisture from his rear. Uh, most impressive Master Emilio. Most impressive. (Beat) As you can see class, Master Emilio has been trained to immediately take the offensive once an opponent lowers his guard, as I just did for the sake of this demonstration. The Boys in line all snicker. Ferdinand gazes at Emilio in amazement and disbelief. INT. CAFETERIA -- DAY Boys chatter and eat their lunches. Ferdinand stands in line waiting to get his tray of food. He looks over his shoulder and sees Emilio eating alone at a table. FERDINAND (V.O.) Emilio kept to himself, mostly. Although they admired him, the other boys were afraid to approach him. Ferdinand starts towards Emilio’s table, then loses his nerve and sits away from him, but close enough to still watch him. FERDINAND (V.O.) Myself included. INT. PREP SCHOOL -- DAY -- SERIES OF SHOTS Ferdinand watches Emilio give an answer during class. Ferdinand admires Emilio as he excels during P.E. Ferdinand steals glances at Emilio during Church. We see the boys next to one another in the choir singing, young and in falsetto. and crisp tenor. Then our view goes to the rest of the choir then around the church, then full circle back to the boys, but the boys are now in their late teens singing in baritone and full tenors. FERDINAND (V.O.) And so it went on. I kept my eye on Emilio, but was too shy to introduce myself. While he mostly kept to himself. INT. WRESTLING MATS -- DAY The Boys sit against the wall as the Wrestling COACH lectures to them about muscle and strength, and attitude. FERDINAND (V.O.) Until one day... The coach claps his hands together and whistles. COACH All right, partner up, and we’ll go through these moves one at a time. All of the Boys immediately partner up. Emilio taps Ferdinand on the shoulder, surprising him. EMILIO Ferdinand. FERDINAND (surprised) What? EMILIO You’re my partner. Emilio walks to a spot on the mat. Ferdinand hesitates, and then catches up to him. FERDINAND You know who I am? EMILIO (Laughs) Do you really think I wouldn’t notice the only other Filipino boy in the entire school? TWEET! The coach blows his whistle for them to begin. COACH All right, first move is a double-leg take down. Let’s go. Emilio and Ferdinand get into wrestling stance and start to circle each other and bat hands. EMILIO What are you waiting for? FERDINAND You want me to go first? EMILIO Yes. FERDINAND Okay. Ferdinand lunges forward, grabs Emilio’s legs awkwardly, and tries to force him down. Emilio doesn’t budge. EMILIO What are you doing? They break the hold. FERDINAND What do you mean? EMILIO Wrestling is not about strength it’s about flexibility. Go lower, harder, and you won’t have to really on power. FERDINAND You think I’m weak like the other boys do. Ferdinand starts to walk away. EMILIO Wait. Emilio grabs Ferdinand and yanks him back. EMILIO Do you know why the other boys pick on you? FERDINAND Yes… Of course I… Why? EMILIO Because, your holding back on purpose, and who wants to be partners in a situation where all involved should be giving as much as possible, but one isn't? (Beat) Try it again. Ferdinand and Emilio drop into wrestling stance again. They begin to circle each other. EMILIO Come on, Ferdinand. Don’t hold back. Take me down. Ferdinand lunges again. Emilio grabs him and shoves him back almost knocking him on his tush. This isn’t fencing. Don’t think speed, be speed, without hinting. Does the cat tell the bird when it will spring upon it’s back? FERDINAND Oh, I see. I was wrestling like a fencer, and fencing like a wrestler. Now that makes perfect sense, and this whole time I thought it was my lack of strength… It was my strategy. EMILIO So come on! Don’t be a thinker! Take me… But Ferdinand has already lunged and grabbed Emilio From behind the knees and yanked him up, knocking him right off of his feet. THUD! Emilio smacks down on the mat. Ferdinand looks at Emilio's face in amazement. EMILIO All right. Now you’re getting it. Coach walks by, obviously impressed. COACH Good work, Cortez. You’ll make team captain this year if you keep hitting like that, and that's a promise. FERDINAND (Ecstatic) Really? Thanks Coach. Ferdinand helps Emilio up. They drop into another wrestling stance and practice holds on one another for the rest of practice. The coach whistles the boys to end the day, and for showers. INT. GYM SHOWERS AFTER WRESTLING PRACTICE Boys are organizing lockers and taking showers and getting dressed Emilio is almost totally dressed and just finishing tying his shoes. Ferdinand is still in the shower with the blonde boy and his toadies. BLONDIE Look at that guys the China mans got an erection for somebody in the shower. Ferdinand takes no notice since he obviously doesn’t. Some of the other boys laugh while a few others mouth derogatory insults and innuendos. Like homosexual and queer. FERDINAND Even if that was true. Which, it is not. I wouldn’t Be able to get an erection anywhere near your fat ass or face. BLONDIE What was that? (Clearly upset) BLONDIES TOADIE He said that “he wouldn’t be aroused by your…” BLONDIE Shut up! I was talking to him idiot. EMILIO comes over to the shower entrance. EMILIO He said, mind your own business Emilio and the blonde boy stare at one another. They size each other up and stink eye one another. BLONDIE What? Jealous? Emilio walks slowly into the shower not even caring that he is getting his uniform wet. The other boys get the hell out of his way just from the sheer shock of his behavior. He gets right up in the blond boys face. EMILIO Maybe, but it sounds to me like you’re the one who is jealous, and From the looks of things, it shows. All of the other boys start laughing, because, like Emilio, they notice that the blonde boy has an erection. The blonde boy embarrassed punches Emilio and a huge melee breaks out in the showers involving the whole locker room. FERDINAND (V.O) From that point on Emilio and me were inseparable. He helped me with sports and gym, and I helped him in class. We even made plans to travel Europe together after graduation, but those plans were doomed to never come to pass, I’m afraid. EXT. AND INT. MONTAGE OF FERDINAD & EMILIO Outside of a café playing chess and drinking coffee. The two of them studying and giggling in the library. Them at the beach swimming, and hanging out with friends. Them walking the streets of Spain and watching bullfights. Them talking intimately on a bluff counting stars. DISSOLVE ON THE NIGHT SKY TO INT. EMILIO’S ROOM – DAY Emilio is gazing out his window at the stars. Emilio is at the desk doing a paper when the mail arrives. He reads the letter and is clearly disturbed by it. BLONDIE You look like someone just broke your heart, or stole your bike. What’ s the matter? Did your Mommy die? EMILIO No… My father. Emilio begins writing several letters and packing up his stuff immediately and rushed. EMILIO Could you make sure that Ferdinand gets this letter? I know we’ve had our differences, but it’s very important. I have to take the train tonight, and he’s on watch, and this is an emergency. BLONDIE Absolutely, I understand completely. You can count on me, Emilio. Emilio leaves in his dress blues and hat, and with his bags out the door and down the hall. As soon as he’s out of the room, the blonde boy Opens, and reads the letter intently, then he throws it away with a chuckle.

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[n/a] Robert K Foster @ | 12-Jun-03/5:09 AM | Reply
I think you should've posted this to instead.
[6] wEdible Underpantsw @ | 12-Jun-03/7:53 AM | Reply
I couldn't be bothered to read this, but I'm going to give you 6 points on a whim.
[8] god'swife @ | 12-Jun-03/8:07 AM | Reply
Keep going.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 12-Jun-03/8:10 AM | Reply
You wrote this in Microsoft Word.
[n/a] horus8 @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 12-Jun-03/8:18 AM | Reply
ummm. yeah? I suppose your point is, if I was a serious writer, I would have written it in Final Draft 5.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > horus8 | 12-Jun-03/8:20 AM | Reply
mspaint more like
[10] INTRANSIT @ | 12-Jun-03/12:50 PM | Reply
really? no, rely. Anywho, I'll bare my balls that you may kick them, firmedly. go for the hook. open with the fencing scene, then backtrack to the birthday party. I am jealous. I am blonde. i am erect? was not was. 10 because you put FORT into this. yes. encore.
[6] Tintagiles @ | 18-Mar-05/6:56 PM | Reply
A little cheesy, but not showing Ferdinand's reaction at the end is a good touch.
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