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Barometric pressure & true love (The prince of storms) (Villanelle) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Your love has yet to keep me warm. Still I breathe to be your votive. There will be no calm before this storm. I am your one, I am your swarm. A murderer with no motive. Your love has yet to keep me warm. The prince-amoral-Jeremiad-dorm has not a roof or bed to give. There will be no calm before this storm. Yet to claim you meant no harm? Yes, denial is instinctive. Your love has yet to keep me warm. A foul weather sweater with no right arm. Your gift of love, thanks for the sieve. There will be no calm before this storm. Some day soon you'll lose that charm. What you did to me you'll then relive. Since your love will never keep warm. There will be no calm before the storm.

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.857143
Weighted score: 6.85652
Overall Rank: 296
Posted: April 15, 2003 2:59 AM PDT; Last modified: June 4, 2003 11:46 AM PDT
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francis nor capule, Sasha

[10] god'swife @ | 15-Apr-03/2:01 PM | Reply
World Class. Strong from beginning to end. All that hard work has paid off. Mr. Vilanelle, good job with the close-up. Cut. Print.

This poem is fucking beautiful. Thanks for the soul-kiss. I'm feeling better for it.
[9] OneFingerAnswer @ | 4-Jun-03/1:53 PM | Reply
I always love how you follow the rhyming rules so loosely. I wish I had the guts to do it but I always feel like I'm doing something wrong. Good work :D
[10] Bill Z Bub @ | 4-Jun-03/3:20 PM | Reply
Fuck. Ten. Fuck! Son of a Fucking Goddamn Bitchprick! FUCKING TEN. I cry bullseye.
[10] Bill Z Bub @ | 5-Jun-03/6:26 PM | Reply
The second-last line: "Since your love will never keep warm."
Should there be a word in between keep and warm? Such as "me" or "you"?
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > Bill Z Bub | 6-Jun-03/12:39 AM | Reply
Yeah, you're write, 'me', but I ended up liking it better this way for some reason.
[10] edpeterson @ | 13-Apr-04/7:43 AM | Reply
Jeremi B. Handrinos? LOL.
[n/a] horus8 @ > edpeterson | 13-Apr-04/12:23 PM | Reply
What, don't you have a name?
[n/a] poetandknowit @ | 8-May-04/11:54 PM | Reply
Jeremi B. Handrinos I knew you would make it to the top. I am with GW. My soul has truly been kissed by this masterpiece. Farawell my beloved, stay ribbony.
[n/a] horus8 @ > poetandknowit | 9-May-04/10:15 AM | Reply
Dude, stop it, you're scaring me.
[10] hatedestruction @ | 17-May-04/7:36 AM | Reply
been there before
[10] Katrina @ | 23-May-04/7:54 PM | Reply
[10] Brittanyy @ | 4-Jul-04/6:07 PM | Reply
I don't know why anyone would give this poem anything below a ten. Very good.
[1] Edna Sweetlove @ | 13-Aug-06/6:00 PM | Reply
Very amusing. I peed my pants with laughter at this.
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