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Resurrection (for Gods Wife) (Haiku) by Mr Pig
Stigmata skies, Jesus bleeds for forty nights. Judas Shelters.

Down the ladder: Another Tragic Love Poem

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.769231
Weighted score: 5.7640824
Overall Rank: 1755
Posted: February 20, 2003 9:17 AM PST; Last modified: February 21, 2003 4:01 AM PST
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[7] Shardik @ | 20-Feb-03/1:25 PM | Reply
first line was mighty mighty boss tones, the last line unfortunately, was not.
[n/a] wOrnella Mutiw @ > Shardik | 20-Feb-03/6:16 PM | Reply
I am a faggot and I comment on my own poems. You're an idiot. Truly. Keep lying. It's obvious you're Mr. Pig. Too bad you erased your sorry profile.
[n/a] Garrett S Sexton @ | 20-Feb-03/2:11 PM | Reply
I love a happy ending. Top marks to the Butlins camper.
[10] god'swife @ | 20-Feb-03/2:56 PM | Reply
The forty nights were spent in the desert months before the resurrection. Again the title doesn't jive for me. I think the haiku works very well intil the last line. Too preachy. Tell me something nuetral at the end, to give the blood more power.
[n/a] Mr Pig @ > god'swife | 21-Feb-03/2:31 AM | Reply
ok my cotton cloud, here is my 2nd dedication 1st Zzinnia now you my love
[5] Nicholas Jones @ | 21-Feb-03/3:46 AM | Reply
This is theologically unsound. Jesus lived in the desert for forty days. Also, why does Judas get a capital lettter and Jesus doesn't? Is this very clever and ironic, or just a typo?
[n/a] Mr Pig @ > Nicholas Jones | 21-Feb-03/8:23 AM | Reply
God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights in the old testament, his wrath for human selfishness, line 2 was merely a stylised reference to that, and line 3 was changed to feature Judas who represents the worst of humanity. It was a practise of literature NJ, and the reason if anyone is intersted why the dedication to GW, its due to her 'Confederate grey' line in one of her poems, I think stigmata skies is at least imaginative if nothing elso (inspired by the wonderful GW)
[10] god'swife @ | 23-Feb-03/4:55 PM | Reply
Interesting. Very interesting. Somehow you manage Judas quite well. I'm intrigued by the way you make him blandly human. I think the 40 nights and the bleeding go very well together. It was a trial in the desert for him, and this life is a trial for us. We bleed through most of it, not always the bad kind, especially for we girls. Men use to bleed, but then the boys became frightened by it. Tell me, my beautiful Pig, why can't the boys be men? Things are getting desperate.

I'm giving this poem a ten because it says so much. Jesus can bleed but Judas musn't, it's not that he can't, it just that he has to make sure he plays his part inorder to make the promise come true. Fuck the pieces of silver, I believe he would have done it for free. If there is a Heaven, God must be showering Judas with gratitude.
Thank you so much for the demonstrations of love, it is greatly appreciated. Love you back.

[5] <~> @ | 26-Feb-03/8:37 PM | Reply
lowercase s in shelters, please.
[6] Robert K Foster @ | 7-Mar-03/7:45 AM | Reply

I see a pattern here - thematically and form wise.
I'm also curious as to how so many of yours keep coming up--it would explain how your numbers got so high.
[1] bondjedi @ | 5-Apr-03/7:05 PM | Reply
[10] capachijim @ | 24-Apr-04/8:05 PM | Reply
Very nice
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