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for John (Free verse) by pete
like the man said the first thing to do before entering nirvana is to make yourself comfortable there is no future and what is is here and how we are now and where we are at and also like the man said fuck it you know life energy going on the tao flowing forward nova energy and orgasm signals the end there is a sickness of the spirit the yin bulge with yang's seed striving for its own growth and future and re-joinment ripping through yin fabric of love peace justice fairness nice white liberal with dreams to take or leave for every one of your gods there is a demon just as real precious mind , man brain intelligence neurons flashing the universe almost there in self-knowledge almost there flashing through conciousness holding on - peaking - this time it'll be different this time we'll plateau out and break the cycle of birth-rebirth ...nah , man , forget it... the sine-wave rules ok ...dig the wild cosmos rejoice in your mortality and now and continue to rage to seethe to fight against the dying of the light icons , man precious icons preserving in cynical aspic the finger that points to the moon when satanists see lucifer it's only jesus in disguise and the goblin odin dances with shiva behind the eyes of the archbishop and hitler. the edge icons of chaos infinately knowable and infinitessimally mapped at last the human genome some far generations back in the 1920s relativity and quantum theory the signs!... in the 1990s they were thinking of teaching it to kids what hope chaos theory notice the infinite intricacy of structure of the region of space where the tears of new york meet the stream of blood from a madman's bullet see how the shading of the abyss walls become more vibrant with speed takes on colours to be worn on the t-shirts of the children of armageddon ********

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Posted: January 3, 2019 6:33 AM PST; Last modified: January 3, 2019 6:34 AM PST
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