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Shuushin the multi-personality total cunt (Free verse) by mr cunt
Shuushin (ips by user) Everyone (ips by user) Doc (ips by user) japzero (ips by user) japzeroone (ips by user) japzerotwo (ips by user) japten (ips by user) japtwenty (ips by user) edward strangeglove (ips by user) some name (ips by user) some other guy (ips by user) shat me? (ips by user) Mr. Fartlove (ips by user) Anonumus Compensato (ips by user) Noice Troy (ips by user) Clive Urp (ips by user) Roo Zah Hue (ips by user) Wassa Matta (ips by user) Hugh Fayle (ips by user) Ash Tounding (ips by user) Cory Feldman (ips by user) Savoir Faire (ips by user) Isa Evrywere (ips by user) What is he? He's a silly cunt!

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Arithmetic Mean: 2.2857144
Weighted score: 2.2924256
Overall Rank: 13634
Posted: April 2, 2007 6:11 AM PDT; Last modified: April 2, 2007 6:11 AM PDT
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[5] richa @ | 4-Apr-07/3:09 AM | Reply
Everyone is everyone. You could post under everyone but you are not in our club.:(
[n/a] Stephen Robins @ > richa | 10-Apr-07/5:17 AM | Reply
Neither am I since they changed the password. :.(..
[0] sca @ | 6-Jun-07/11:05 PM | Reply
Haha, I could give you points for laughs. But I'm not going to. (and usually I hate poetry Nazis).
[8] malpaso @ | 9-Nov-07/7:38 AM | Reply
will the real cunt please stand up....heh, cunts don't have legs, hee hee!!! you can't hide cory feldman in here. he stands out like a sore cunt!!!
[1] Edna Sweetlove @ | 22-Feb-13/9:54 AM | Reply
What a loaqd of cunts you all are.
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