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Grab Out For J. Christ! (Free verse) by Sing4Jesus!
Are you yearning to grasp eagerly with both your hands The shining road to the heavenly safety of the Lord? Yes! Yes! Yes! You should have a try! Yes! Yes! Yes! Or are you lost in sin, with a great big fat capital S? But our Lord was far worse-off than I ever could have been The sort of treatment He had scares me a big lot it was so mean To see Him dead was his enemies' only wicked plan And also they wanted all who belonged to His heavenly clan. This proves to me without no doubt, that just When you pray with your heart and soul and all your trust The Lord will send a message to you in different ways Within a short moment or two or in several days. I am really willing to grasp gratefully with both my hands The gleaming path to the heavenly wonder of Lord Jesus! Yes! Yes! Yes! I will have a try! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am not lost in sin, with a great big fat capital S! Each and every event of your worthless life will surely show How your life for Jesu Christ the God can quickly grow If you will only ask Him on your grovelling knees Reach out and prove Himself, say yes, yes please! Just tell Him, "O lead me on O my lovely God, help me up I am all Yours Jesus and the Holy Ghost! You can sign me up!" Yes! Yes! Yes! I am totally up for Jesus in Heaven Let me say I love Him not one time but six or seven! And all who do not believe will get crushed to death! They will be smashed to bits and will run out of breath!

Down the ladder: The Christian Submariner

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Arithmetic Mean: 2.2307692
Weighted score: 2.2493033
Overall Rank: 13635
Posted: October 4, 2006 4:24 PM PDT; Last modified: October 4, 2006 4:24 PM PDT
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[2] nentwined @ | 4-Oct-06/5:50 PM | Reply
[0] Edna Sweetlove @ | 7-Oct-06/9:07 AM | Reply
Totally staggering! I don;t know whether to give it a 10 or a 0 - such a dreadful piece of writing is eithe genius or utter shite. Please let me know which at !!!!!!!!
[0] Engelbert Humpalot @ | 19-Oct-06/5:54 PM | Reply
[0] poetry_rancour @ | 14-Mar-07/11:28 AM | Reply
Please, please, please crush me to death!
[2] mikeeb @ | 14-Mar-07/11:43 AM | Reply
Your motives behind this poem are not clear to the reader, or at least not this one. There were times it seemed like a satire, especially in the fourth stanza, which unfortunately devolved into an exercise in Dr. Seuss wordplay. Other times your choice of language is deadly serious, leaving me confused.

I won't say 'horrendous' or 'shite' but I would suggest asking yourself why you wrote this poem. You must have had a goal in mind - don't hide it from the reader.

Take care.
[0] daniella @ | 20-May-07/9:19 PM | Reply
There are some misconceptions here, that make the zealous hodge podge verses sting even more.
God did not make our lives to be worthless.
His enemies may have killed Jesus, but according to the New Testament, this was part of God's plan... How else could he have fulfilled the passion?
And lastly, because I want to go to sleep, you actually think we could actually hurt the greatest grandest architect...You think it matters if we believe or not??
Only to our own faith... God exists regardless of us, and He or She or whatever our creator is, does not need our votes.
[0] wDaphnew @ | 31-Dec-11/8:58 AM | Reply
Genius! Well, no, it's fucking rubbish. This is a skanky poem. It is so good I think you should post it at my new website: !
[0] wDaphnew @ | 8-Jan-12/8:25 AM | Reply
total horse manure.
[0] Edna Sweetlove @ | 22-Feb-13/9:52 AM | Reply
Fucking drivel.
[0] rabbi sammy schtupp @ | 3-Feb-21/10:33 AM | Reply
Oy vay!
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