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A Single Strand of Golden Yellow (Other) by Aetius
(In imitation of Kay Ryan's "A Hundred Bolts of Satin") All you have to snag is one loop and the life unravels all the way back. It seems to have been a sweater. There seems to have been a pattern. The yarn that you end up with cannot reveal it: a skein of maroon wool, for example, several yards of blue, a single strand of golden yellow – perhaps you were less bright than you imagined.

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Posted: February 27, 2007 8:41 AM PST; Last modified: February 27, 2007 8:41 AM PST
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[6] Dovina @ | 27-Feb-07/3:53 PM | Reply
It goes along well in the first half. Then the logic of yarn that was once a sweater being like a person thinking she's less bright than she imagines, escapes me.
[n/a] Aetius @ > Dovina | 20-Mar-07/1:48 PM | Reply
I cannot express in words just how humorous I find it that you automatically apply the feminine pronoun to the poem, as if assuming that I would only consider a woman to be less bright than imagined.
[6] Dovina @ > Aetius | 20-Mar-07/6:40 PM | Reply
It’s because my mother and grandmother both worked with knitting yarn; my father and grandfather never did. In fact, my grandmother would unravel worn-out sweaters, salvage the usable yarn, and wind it into skeins for new projects.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Dovina | 20-Mar-07/9:05 PM | Reply
It seems we have a Weaver in our midst. Quick! Ephialtes! Sound the Nudity Alarum and make ready the Loom. It is only a matter of time now...
[6] Dovina @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 21-Mar-07/10:32 AM | Reply
My grandmother tried to make knitters and crocheters out my sister and me. She had no loom, and never wove more than tales. My sister learned; I rebelled. Ephialtes of Athens would have been appalled.
[n/a] Stephen Robins @ > Dovina | 22-Mar-07/8:48 AM | Reply
"She had no loom, and never wove more than tales" is the most ball tighteningly erotic imagery.
[6] Dovina @ > Stephen Robins | 22-Mar-07/2:08 PM | Reply
Really? I'd have expected "my father and grandfather never did" to yield this reaction.
[n/a] Stephen Robins @ > Dovina | 23-Mar-07/2:13 AM | Reply
Your Father and Grandfather evoke the imagery of two men utterly disgusted that their genes could produce such a monstruously lesbian child/grandchild.
[6] Dovina @ > Stephen Robins | 23-Mar-07/10:27 AM | Reply
Apparently, in your fumbling bum-toweled manner, you have confused my species with Crepidula fornicata.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Dovina | 22-Mar-07/11:15 AM | Reply
But it is Ephialtes of Trachis who tends The Loom Of Lost Souls... as punishment for his treachery. Ephialtes of Athens is neither here nor there.
[6] Dovina @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 22-Mar-07/2:06 PM | Reply
So how did he fare when Zionist Rebel made an attempt on The Loom of Lost Souls?
[7] Bethy @ | 3-Mar-07/4:13 AM | Reply
I love this kind of "other verse" I write alot of it...I will post my sweater poem soon as was written many moons ago...:) Bethy
[7] Ranger @ | 3-Mar-07/8:29 AM | Reply
This is the level of mediocrity to which the majority of us aspire.
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