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Mannequin (Free verse) by Roisin
Accrue accrue accrue. Build the person You; with job and house and him and them, just don't forget the glue.

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.2
Weighted score: 5.1430435
Overall Rank: 5348
Posted: May 15, 2006 7:01 AM PDT; Last modified: May 15, 2006 7:28 AM PDT
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[8] Ranger @ | 15-May-06/7:16 AM | Reply
I titled a poem 'Mannequin'. It wasn't as catchy as this though.
[n/a] Roisin @ > Ranger | 15-May-06/7:26 AM | Reply
Did you? Do you like it? Your vote hasn't come up for some reason.
[8] Ranger @ > Roisin | 15-May-06/7:31 AM | Reply
I think you edited this straight after I posted, hence the vote not showing. If I'm honest, it was easier to read in it's first version - is this meant as an image (I'm a little slow today, bear with me if I don't get it instantly)? It's a neat little look at the way we build our lives according to social trends, and not always having any depth to them. At least, that's how I read it.
[n/a] Roisin @ > Ranger | 15-May-06/7:45 AM | Reply
Oh right, yeah, I'm thinking of changing it back. I'm not sure. I'll mull it over whn I'm not at work. Yes, it was inspired by the shallow conversations overheard in this office.
[8] Ranger @ > Roisin | 15-May-06/7:52 AM | Reply
Strangely enough it's now a different shape to the version I saw a few minutes ago, yet my vote is still there. It looks better like this, more symmetrical at least.

I've made it my life's goal never to work in an office.
[7] Dovina @ | 15-May-06/10:33 AM | Reply
It's a good little slogan about love (glue) as I see it. But I don't see the significance of the spacing.
[8] Niphredil @ | 16-May-06/4:56 AM | Reply
Oh, fun. Me likee. -8-

I rather enjoy the spacing, even though I don't get what it's supposed to mean... it seems rigid; I connected it to squeezing indviduals into a predetermined mold, and so it felt appropriate.
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