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philosophy of a new age (Haiku) by crazyknight
whats right is wrong, whats wrong is right, look clearly, you'll see the light.

Up the ladder: The Path
Down the ladder: Lake Michigan

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Posted: December 19, 2005 6:22 AM PST; Last modified: December 19, 2005 6:22 AM PST
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[n/a] amanda_dcosta @ | 19-Dec-05/6:34 AM | Reply
I really have to strain to see the light......

Which direction is it coming from?
[n/a] ALChemy @ | 19-Dec-05/6:46 AM | Reply
Tao Te Ching

[n/a] crazyknight @ > ALChemy | 19-Dec-05/6:58 AM | Reply
the truth is light,
the truth is darkness.
neither is perfect
neither is false.
[n/a] ALChemy @ > crazyknight | 19-Dec-05/7:11 AM | Reply
"Yet mystery and reality
emerge from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness born from darkness.
The beginning of all understanding."
[6] Dovina @ | 19-Dec-05/5:27 PM | Reply
Hold onto the things you believe even though they've been proven wrong. In various times, all things are right or wrong. It's a messed-up philosophy, and it's not even haiku.

Or maybe you’re getting at the eastern ideas of self: “The reason I have an enemy is because I have self. If I no longer had a self, I would no longer have an enemy.” Emptiness – the void inside the pot for which the pot was made.

And if that’s a bit foreign, try this: “The father is his daughter’s son.” – a Christmas mystery to think about.
[n/a] crazyknight @ > Dovina | 19-Dec-05/9:18 PM | Reply
theres nothing like right,
theres nothing like wrong,
all things are made,
all things are one.
[5] zodiac @ | 22-Dec-05/9:27 AM | Reply
black is white.
hoboes are wealthies.
Steve is really Steven.
clod is dolc.

Hey, isn't it funny how you can say any two opposites are the same, and provided your guff level hasn't exceeded -=7=-, you'll sound clever and deep? You're full of crud. Stop it.
[n/a] ALChemy @ > zodiac | 22-Dec-05/7:42 PM | Reply
or you end up sounding like an ancient chinese pot-smoker.
[n/a] amanda_dcosta @ > zodiac | 30-Dec-05/1:22 AM | Reply
[n/a] amanda_dcosta @ > amanda_dcosta | 30-Dec-05/1:23 AM | Reply
He probably is an ancient pot smoker.
[5] zodiac @ > amanda_dcosta | 30-Dec-05/6:57 AM | Reply
Not technically. An oxymoron is just a literary device for shock value. The best-known oxymorons are Shakespeare's in Romeo and Juliet: feather of lead, beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical, dove-feather'd raven, wolvish-ravening lamb, damned saint, honourable villain, and so on. These are either not strictly opposites (ie, tyrant doesn't mean 'one who is not beautiful') or they're impossible (ie, a saint cannot really be damned). That's pretty much it: oxymorons CANNOT be technically true and oxymorons at the same time. I'd dare you to find an example of an oxymoron which is.
[5] zodiac @ | 22-Dec-05/9:27 AM | Reply
PS-Your haiku is wrong.
[n/a] Niphredil @ > zodiac | 31-Dec-05/4:46 AM | Reply
Thank you. Haikus have a very rigid pre-determined structure; not *every* three lines comprise a haiku!
[n/a] amanda_dcosta @ > zodiac | 8-Jan-06/11:23 PM | Reply
I am blank on haikus. Give me a start on what it is and what one looks for in a haiku. the only thing i noticed is that it has three lines. other than that what is it based on, or what is it that characterises a haiku? Fill me in.... would help me understand.... Thanks.
[n/a] ALChemy @ > amanda_dcosta | 9-Jan-06/2:59 AM | Reply
Five syllable line,
seven syllable line and
five syllable line

Traditionally connecting to nature.
[n/a] amanda_dcosta @ > ALChemy | 9-Jan-06/3:30 AM | Reply
Thanks, shall try one.
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