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Playing The Vibes (Free verse) by impert&ent
anchors fall scoring planes deep in crossing no word is so calm kites adrift marking time glancing among chorals no image is so clear ropes lie writing curls fuming around brass no touch is so plain

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.0
Weighted score: 5.2384057
Overall Rank: 4135
Posted: August 18, 2005 3:10 PM PDT; Last modified: August 18, 2005 3:10 PM PDT
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ay deee

[9] Bethy @ | 18-Aug-05/3:48 PM | Reply
verrrry good...:) Bethy
[9] INTRANSIT @ | 19-Aug-05/7:48 AM | Reply
it's resonating in my subconcious, but that is all at the moment.
[n/a] ALChemy @ | 19-Aug-05/10:20 AM | Reply
God I wish I had a yacht. Sounds so relaxing. Then again with my luck I'd get lost or die in a storm.

I liked the poem once I figured it out.

Another title that might have changed the poems direction: At the Center of the Tsunami.
But that's just plain evil isn't it.

I think you mean "Plain" not "plane in verse 1. Plain is on the sea-bed. Plane is something you do on the surface as in hydroplane.
[n/a] impert&ent @ > ALChemy | 20-Aug-05/11:45 AM | Reply
I like your reading of it. It's got a take I hadn't imagined.

I do mean plane, though I see what you mean, and I like your interpretation. I am thinking of something else, where plane is the right word, with one reference to a flat surface, like the hull of a ship, and another reference to aeroplanes.

I was hoping the ambiguity in my spelling of certain words would prompt a variety of readings. Again, your reference to the seabed is correct, but I was writing about it in the third line: no wor(l)d is so calm. Similar ambiguities are meant with chorals (corals) and writing (writhing). But I still didn't come up with your take on it. Just proves you've got more imagination!

The title comes from two things, not related to the poem. I took a hit from Caducus, playing with his vibe. I was also listening to an old Cal Tjader tune on the radio that really made me want to move. That cat was something else on vibes.
[n/a] ALChemy @ > impert&ent | 21-Aug-05/8:49 AM | Reply
anchors fall scoring planes: Anchors fall marking lines in the seabed i.e. Plains.
deep in crossing: Crossing the deep i.e.(ocean or sea).
no word is so calm: No word as calm as the seabed.

kites adrift marking time: Kites is also a word for sales. making good time or making up time lost.
glancing among chorals: I assumed coral was also misspelled. The whole boat skimming across the water near corals.
no image is so clear: An unforgetable image.

ropes lie writing curls: The ropes lying on the deck curled like cursive script.
fuming around brass: ??? Smelly and encircling brass poles or rails. The fuming part is what confused me. I thought you might have ment furling or fumbling.
no touch is so plain: Touch (as in detail to the overall image). Is so plain (as in is so simple or obvious).

If someone can come up with a more accurate or plausable description then I will commend them for it.
[n/a] ALChemy @ > ALChemy | 21-Aug-05/8:55 AM | Reply
If you changed ropes to hoses than it could be about 9/11 although the fuming part is still questionable.

But you get your aeroplanes that way.
[n/a] ALChemy @ | 19-Aug-05/10:26 AM | Reply
What do you mean by ropes "fuming?" around brass.
[n/a] impert&ent @ > ALChemy | 20-Aug-05/11:46 AM | Reply
That would be telling...

Let's see if someone else picks it up.
[n/a] ALChemy @ > impert&ent | 21-Aug-05/9:00 AM | Reply
Smells kinda fishy to me.

(it's a pun. get it?)
[n/a] impert&ent @ ::1 > ALChemy | 21-Jan-16/6:37 PM | Reply
I reckon an answer is due. I was thinking about cannon, and smoke, and extending the metaphor from coiled rope to fumes. Sort of the opposite, also, where a rope falling to the sea floor would writhe around like smoke does in air.
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