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Children in the Storm (Free verse) by thepinkbunnyofdoom
A little boy, sitting in a window seal, on a rainy afternoon Droplets of the sadness he feels, striking at the glass Huddled in a blanket to shield against the cold He watches the fury of the storm and wonders, why Why are the heavens angry, and whether or not its tears will ever stop A little girl, buried under blankets, lying on her bed Stifles the screams of terrors, at every thunderstrike Emerged in shadows and comfort she is frightened Clutching tight to her glass eyed sleeping companion Praying to someone for a savior, from the chaos that is this storm He smiles at the sky and gently whispers it'll be alright There, there, cry some more and let it all out Scream at the top of your lungs and make the world shake I feel that way sometimes too, let it all out You'll feel alot better She breaks into tears and sobs upwards Stop your scaring me, what did I do to you? All I wanted was to smile, and kiss you on the lips But you scream at me across the heavens I can't take this anymore His hand reaches for the phone Her hand follows suit He remembers her last words to him She remembers the sting of his Both hands pull back Let the heavens rage as they may Let the sun burn bright, and clouds rein fierce If we are to be buried by volume, nothing can save us We choose our paths, now is not the time to change our minds So let me drift where ever the might of this storm takes me

Up the ladder: overwhelmed
Down the ladder: sitting at the cliff's edge

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Posted: February 13, 2005 11:04 AM PST; Last modified: February 13, 2005 11:04 AM PST
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[9] Dovina @ | 14-Feb-05/3:31 PM | Reply
Second to last verse is very nice.
window sill
Stop scaring me
[8] wilco @ | 14-Feb-05/7:55 PM | Reply
some spelling and punctuation errors, but overall, pretty good. Worth an edit.
[7] juliharrelson @ | 19-Mar-05/7:38 PM | Reply
ANOTHER good one.
[10] x0lovelylarnx0 @ | 9-Oct-07/6:12 PM | Reply
The feeling of the poem is expressed well! Good Job!
[9] Freethinker1602 @ | 25-May-09/6:17 PM | Reply
gosh I do love strong symbolism! <3
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