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Possession (Free verse) by Acid_moose
You never know who you are, You never know what you’re for, In a world, that shuts the door, Dreams are always too far, Fantasies stay right where they are, Nothing is ever enough, Enough is always too much, You try to except your fate, Death is too far away, So you try to let out the pain, By driving in the wrong lane, You want to get back on track, I will always have your back, You can lean on me when you’re down, Now really how does that sound, I will be with you always I swear, Because I am your person that cares, I love you more than the moon, the sun the planets the stars, You are my dreams from afar So I want you to have my heart, It’s the best I can give I suppose Far softer than any old rose, My heart is right where you are Forever and always case closed.

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Posted: December 28, 2004 11:35 PM PST; Last modified: December 28, 2004 11:35 PM PST
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[n/a] Acid_moose @ | 28-Dec-04/11:36 PM | Reply
This is just for my girlfriend
[9] jroday @ > Acid_moose | 31-Dec-04/12:21 PM | Reply
Seem to me you were a little depressed at the beginning of the poem,but you got yourself together.
Remember love with esteem cannot go far or reach high. It is an angel with only one wing. -9-
[6] dancin_n_da_moonlite @ | 29-Dec-04/10:51 PM | Reply
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