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overwhelmed (Free verse) by nentwined
there are many mountains in my mind begging to be climbed each requiring a careful and studied approach. scientist, lover, artist: each a separate ascent -- perseverance and wit and logic and leaps of fancy through dangerous terrain; upon each path i need ( a rest a niche a view ) that both justifies the climb so far and reminds me of the top; gathering strength for the climbs to come. at any moment there is the fear of the height the winds the drop the ground; the fear of falling, the fear of stopping, the fear of climbing on.

Up the ladder: Iterated Fuck
Down the ladder: sitting at the cliff's edge

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Posted: March 16, 2002 1:14 AM PST; Last modified: March 16, 2002 1:14 AM PST
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[6]... anonymous @ | 9-Sep-01/2:25 PM | Reply
quite nice i think... last stanza i found a bit of overkill. nix that, and it's damn near perfect. easily one can see you stretching for the goals and recoiling from the fears... nicely done dear!
[6]... anonymous @ | 9-May-02/9:37 AM | Reply
i can relate
[8] Frass @ | 31-Jul-02/5:32 PM | Reply
I think artist would be the most difficult ascent. I love the saying 'Art is Free'; but, as NRBQ once sang, 'there aint no free.'
[10] Sigh'ense... @ | 28-Aug-02/9:22 PM | Reply
RACY ANDinsightful, I especially like the imagery and upherismic development. Good as usual, Da1 with defecation on my lips
[7] Christof @ | 2-Sep-02/6:19 AM | Reply
Hey nentwined, I know you run this site and all but i just clicked on random five times and evry poem that came up was one of yours! Nevertheless, I like this, even that strange parenthetical section.
[9] LilMsLadyPoet @ | 11-Jul-05/8:10 AM | Reply
Again no capitalization! Every single little thing in perfect place, and yet, no capitalization! Fix (or get over your aversion to) capitalization...and then submit your stuff! I have read enough to be of the opinion that you should submit for editor needed! (EXCEPT the lack of capitalization!) 9 again...waiting for that impossible chance to say "10!"
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