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Soft Speak; Hard Emotion (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
Weeks pass by Your not here Did the maid go with you? Because he isn't here either I confess My nervousness I expected this to not work out *nervous breathe* Was I right? I give you my hand I want to guide you To happiness I thought thats all you wanted I hesitantly take my hand away It got numb from your coldness You ask if I'm ok, "Why are you like this?" My temper rages; *yells, "You know why!"* I get up, to my feet Shock painted all over your face I whisper, "See you at home... Dear." She leaves with the maid. Do i give you my jacket So you can walk across the muddy water? No. Just ask the maid! He'll clean it up! And I hope you don't mind I fired the maid He didn't do his job He made this life harder! So leave with him I don't care (leave with him) I won't sit and stare (leave with him) I'll just *yells: go outside and save myself*

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