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It's lonely at the top (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Yesterday, I saw a Ram Chewing on a lowly clump of sod. "The air is thin up here friend", I said to the ram, making small talk, and rubbing my hands to stay warm. He rolled his eyes and said. "That's because you ate all the grass asshole." And that's when I noticed, for the first time, my knee caps were missing. and I was walking on my face. Today, I saw the same Ram enter a cave with a cloudy mouth. Following the Ram in, I saw the unbelievable. God, unzipping out of the costume. "That's a cruel joke to play lord" I said with out hesitation, but he just laughed and said, That it was nothing "Compared to what he had done to Moses, this costume is a set."

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