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Before My Mother's Thighs (A free purse) by Spanish Devil (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Mother never knew true penetration she survived on tube tied fruition and scarfing upon her darling's dumplings her thighs stitched in cotton underwearings never tasting my silky trousered snake Or the way I shake 'n' baked It up and down with no rest Now she knows her boy's the best. On bruised knees she prays for more eager for plumbing to keep her sore. Mammaries bare, I sipped on yester's scraps- six soiled faces, and me in soiled chaps before my mother's thighs, I realized. the dangers of inbreeding pedigrees is Your babies will look like Chunk's friend from the "Goonies". Our bellies lifted up in time She did me first then I got mine Yet, we never let on that we were fucking Excuse me, but do you hear that clucking? It's coming from way over there From a wet spot that we'd made last year. We prepared our beds of quilted stained scepters and I tried to value her new day glow vibrators with no ill repute. I made my peace. Cause Momma was so full of yeast A yogurt snack became my feast. Oh mamma, Oh mamma, why did we drink to much that night? We did not think. Oh mamma, Oh mamma, the way we love? That shit aint right 'ven with a glove. But will we still get it on tomorrow? When the older men try to borrow? Your love away. I swear to God, I'll make them pay! Oh mamma, oh mamma, oh mamma, me mums. I hope she will not fuck me chums.

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