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A Manifesto on Murder (Other) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
I wanted to let the little people | like you in on a simple fact of life. | | Murder, is big money. | | For instance, lets make a list of | all the people that benefit from | being in a direct or indirect relation | relative to a murder. Whether solved, | or unsolved. Bear with me here. | | PEOPLE THAT BENEFIT FROM MURDER. | ---------------------------------------` Let the listing begin: (Done in the voice of a drunk Scott's man) 1. The ass hole/holet that doesn't have to live here anymore (The victim). 2. His/Her piss poor family when they collect the insurance and stop crying -=mourning=-. 3. Both artistic and inartistic florists. 4. Funeral homes and mortuaries abroad. 5. Grave diggers and Backhoe operators. 6. Sculptors that work with marble and other Indigenous rocks used in death marking. 7. Detectives and the crime scene investigators. This includes drunk P.I.s and chalk outliners. 8. An open Job slot needs to be filled up by some lucky apprentice, or affirmative action candidate. 9. The Judge who will try the case. 10. both the defense and the prosecuting legal teams. 11. Reporters and various paparazzi parasites. 12. The town where the murder occurred makes more money because, people are migrating there by the score to cover the story. Tickets will be handed out for speeding, and meals will be purchased along with lodging. 13. The correctional service gets another candidate for their cheap labor work force, and another number to use to jack up our taxes . Especially since the government makes money on all transactions that occur during one's dealings with money whether we are benefiting from it, or not. 14. Land owners that recently decided to turn their acres of family land into "Pleasant View Cemetery" a place where your loved ones would appreciate, if they weren't dead. 15. Landscapers, and Botanists that grow Perennials, annualy. 16. Security guards, ambulance drivers, Emergency room Doctors, nurses, and other medical care professionals that might have a hand in trying to save the victims of random foul play or better yet motivated dying or non-accidental manslaughter. 17. Widowers get another chance at love and life with someone that will appreciate them more for who they really are. "By the way I have more images than any hick poet has ever shit out, I have orgasms of pure scream" William Burroughs. 18. A murderer that gets away gets to kill another day. Thus continuing a cycle most would miss, but I am not most. And I have just scratched the service, because Genocide, my sweet retarded little people, is mass murder, and the difference between murder and genocide is as limitless as the Milky Way from the entire universe. Doesn't that just bring a warm feeling into your loins? Next week we will be discussing some more, cycles that occurs in the natural and the unnatural dealings of men, plants, and animals, and spiritual kingdoms.

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