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To be titled by Horus8(Craft's Service) (Free verse) by thepinkbunnyofdoom
Gumdrops and razorblades love songs and hand grenades Wedding rings waging war A burning cross on the bathroom door An Angel sing devil music in the hot noon day sun The Devil plays a hymn at 9:30 on the corner of 31st and Broadway Buddha's on the Telly selling slim-fast with a free sample of Death's New miracle grow Jesus is off the wagon again Apollo's got sun poisoning and Aphrodite is a lesbian The stars are collapsing from the reflection in your eyes That simple tune flowing from your dancing tongue Heart on a sleeve wrapped in a thorny rose vine Tears painted red falling in an unsteady 4,4 time Steady stream of steamy smoke pouring from your veins Years of wasted worthless meaningless pain Lack Just Cause or even a nice cover story What was the point of longing for gutless glory Sun speckled sand dune will be windswept here soon I like being wasted and watching cartoons Funny pages and Classifieds Access Denied Front page, cover of the magazine Better than the rest that you've ever seen You say you love with a night light To get the feeling right Liver and Onions, baking a Kidney Pie, 4 more every hour I'm tired, and I'm going to bed, right after another whiskey sour

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