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The Twenty-Fifth of Whenevber (Ode) by OneFingerAnswer
Presents with ribbons and ugly bows, Boxes and bags of self-bought clothes, Get to pick a cd or two, Recycled Christmas, nothing really new No, for this year's gift, What I want comes of pure thrift All I'd like to get this year Is to finally subside the fear Two long years I've taken it at its best For too long I've feared that test Health Department offers it for free So why isn't it going that easy? Christmas could come any day We had an appointment back in May I got sick and lost my edge Like a not so sure man, on the ledge I know it needs to happen soon But it's too late for Christmas in June And stupid reasons always get in the way Besides, Christmas in July is so cliche Loosing sleep and loosing weight, Scared to love and scared to date, Heart frozen and put on hold, Avoiding love, I turned so cold Oh to be held again by strong arms, Comforted by what caused these alarms, Held against a soft chest of fur, And use that strength til the 25th of Whenevber

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